Moma Protocol Kickstarts Initial DEX Offering (IDO) On WeStarter and Bounce

  • Moma Protocol employs its smart contracts Factory to solve the issue of liquidity and scalability in the DeFi space.
  • The Moma Protocol native token is available for trading on Uniswap and Mdex.

On Tuesday, July 6, Moma Protocol kickstarted its Initial DEX Offering (IDO) which will be functional on Bounce and WeStarter platforms. Moma aims to solve DeFi liquidity and scalability issues by introducing fully customizable lending pools.

The ability to create customizable lending pools is in huge demand in the DeFi space. Moreover, by leveraging its smart contracts Factory, Moma Protocol also brings valuable service to the financial sector. This smart contracts Factory from Moma helps to suffice DeFi market’s lending needs while generating infinite liquidity for some digital assets.

To accomplish this, Moma leverages a closed-loop business cycle featuring fully customizable lending pools and launch pools. The Moma Protocol also pushes forward accelerated growth opportunities for long-tail digital assets. These digital assets are quite appealing to users to diversify their DeFi investment portfolio.

Apart from launching the IDO, Moma will also be conducting an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) on HotBit platform. The Moma Protocol project has received major backing from some of the notable investors and market leaders. This includes big names like Fundamental Labs, DFG Capital, Genesis Shards, Oasis Capital, and others. 

Trading for the Moma Protocol’s native toke started on Tuesday, July 6, on decentralized exchanges (DEX) Uniswap and Mdex. It will also be available for trading on other platforms like MXC and HotBit.

Lending Fee Distribution and Investor Protection

Moma Protocol’s categorizes its business model as B2B2C. Meaning the protocol will cater to its business clients aka B2B. Moreover, it will further extend its services to customers (B2C) using fully customizable lending pools.

All participants in this ecosystem receive a share of the interests generated through incomes and transaction fees of the Liquidity pools. Additionally, the Moma Protocol also ensures platform security along with accurate price-feeding to network participants. 

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The protocol uses its proprietary Whistleblower mechanism that will either reward or penalize users on a token level. The platform takes the decision based on the quality of price-related information submitted by them. 

Moma Protocol Secures $2.25 Million Funding

Two months back in May 2021, Moma completed its $2.25 million funding round led by Fundamental Labs and SevenX Ventures. The platform said it will use these funds to further its goals of creating an “expandable, scalable and flexible infrastructure for the DeFi world in 5-10 years”.

Looking at the growing market demand and the lending scenario, Moma aims to build an infinite liquidity-generating factory model. Remaining bullish on Moma’s development model, SevenX’s spokesperson said:

As the most important foundation pillar of DeFi architecture – the lending agreement, Moma has made a unique and permissionless innovation here, which greatly enriches the diversity of the market. It has huge potentials to become a scalable platform covering both the mainstream and long tail digital assets.

The beta version of Moma Protocol is already online while the official version will be released later this year.

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