Max Keiser predicts politicians turnaround and adoption of Bitcoin as standard in 4 years

  • Max Keiser revealed in a recent interview that he expects half the politicians will see the benefits of Bitcoin and work to make Bitcoin the standard in America.
  • The controversial Infrastructure Bill has passed the U.S Senate and is set for review by the House of Representatives.

Amidst the hotly debated Infrastructure Bill that seeks to impose roughly $28 billion direct tax on the cryptocurrency industry, Bitcoin maximalist Max Keiser has predicted that there will be a massive political shift over the next four years. Speaking in a recent interview, Keiser noted that American politicians will begin to see the benefits of Bitcoin and will work towards making it the standard in the U.S. This will be coupled with the collapse of the dollar. According to him, around half the politicians will be Bitcoiners within the next four years.

His remarks follow the Senate passing the Infrastructure Bill which has hugely been criticized by the crypto community. Precariously, despite the bill passing, there has been no price reaction in the market. In fact, on-chain data has shown that institutional investors have continued to accumulate top digital assets such as BTC and ETH.

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Mike Novogratz noted, there are a few positives from the bill. On Twitter, the Galaxy CEO noted that the bill legitimized the industry. By large, it was an acknowledgement that the industry is big and is here to stay.

In addition, with the laws only taking effect in the U.S, the bill only affects the country with Bitcoin continuing to take the larger world by storm. One of the reasons blamed on the Senate’s ignorance is the fact that the average age of the Senators is above 60 years. Furthermore, a large part of them had not heard of cryptocurrencies prior to the bill.

Will the U.S be left behind or lead the world with Bitcoin?

By far, the U.S is the most influential country in the world. If Keiser’s prediction is right, it would very well mean the world adopting Bitcoin as the standard. So far, only El Salvador has moved towards this step having passed a bill to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender. This is set to take full effect in September.

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Max Keiser told Kitco News;

With 100% certainty, I’ll predict that within four years, half the politicians in America will be Bitcoiners and working extraordinarily hard to make Bitcoin Standard in America,

Keiser further adds that Bitcoin is now unstoppable. While new laws can affect the adoption of one or a number of states, Bitcoin is global and will continue to gain in adoption in other regions.

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