Lark Davis exposes the biggest Bitcoin price manipulators in the world 

  • According to Lark Davis, the big investors intentionally pull the price through bearish predictions, buy cheaply then sell high in a cycle that does not favour the smaller investors.
  • Davis cautions investors to watch the actions of these big institutions, and not their words or predictions. 

Lark Davis, a popular YouTuber and crypto influencer has revealed that the biggest and most experienced financial players and investors in the industry are manipulating the Bitcoin price.

In a video dubbed “Bitcoin price manipulation rampant”, he stated that the big investors intentionally pull the price through bearish predictions, buy cheaply then sell high in a cycle that does not favour the smaller investors. The major manipulators according to Davis are BlackRock, Guggenheim, JPMorgan, and Goldman Sachs.

BlackRock claims no one wants Bitcoin

Recently, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink claimed that institutional investors are not interested in crypto. According to Davis, Fink has a different motive for making that statement as his words do not match the action of his company.

About six months ago, BlackRock claimed Bitcoin was going to hit a $10 trillion market cap. The company further predicted that Bitcoin could replace gold. Furthermore, a couple of days ago, the company bought 12 percent of all MicroStrategy shares. MicroStrategy has roughly 100,000 Bitcoins, so basically, BlackRock bought 12,000 Bitcoins from them. According to Davis, they want to scare people to sell their Bitcoins while they buy them cheaply. 

You do not buy a stake in MicroStrategy unless you want exposure to Bitcoin…Don’t look at their words, look at their actions.

Fink’s statement further contradicts the reality on the ground as Fidelity Digital Asset proved otherwise by announcing plans to increase staff by 70 percent due to the high Bitcoin demand from institutions. 

Guggenheim claims Bitcoin is going to 10K

Guggenheim’s Scott Minerd recently predicted that Bitcoin will go down to $10,000 days after his $15,000 prediction. However, Davis claims that like Fink, he wants to play with the emotions of investors. Guggenheim interestingly predicted in February that Bitcoin will go as high as $600,000, which is basically in agreement with BlackRock’s prediction that the market cap would match that of gold.

They are overly bullish at the top, and overly bearish at the bottom.

Just like BlackRock, Guggenheim is literally scaring investors to sell their Bitcoins while they silently buy the dip. 

Goldman Sachs claimed Bitcoin is not viable as a currency

For some time now, Goldman Sachs has been saying Bitcoin is not a viable currency or investment. Yet, their internal memo disclosed that they are unveiling a new crypto trading team. Another report also claims that Goldman Sachs is ramping up Bitcoin trading in a new partnership with Mike Novogratz’s Galaxy Digital. 

This is like somebody saying ‘I love you, I love you, I love you, but beats you all the time.

JPMorgan claims Bitcoin will fall to $25,000

JPMorgan recently predicted that Bitcoin will drop to $25,000. Davis admitted that this is the closest prediction to reality, however, they just want people to dump their assets. The same institution predicted this year that Bitcoin will hit $146,000 when it was bullish. The firm also endorsed clients’ 1 percent allocation to Bitcoin as a hedge. According to Davis, all the biggest manipulators in the world are bearish on Bitcoin. 

These guys are the biggest financial criminals in the world.

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