Lark Davis: Altcoins could rally 100-1000x, outperform Bitcoin in bull cycle

  • According to Lark Davis Ethereum based DeFi projects, Cardano, Kava and Polkadot have the potential to offer the highest returns in a new bull cycle.
  • Davis advises investors to stay away from Bitcoin forks and currencies with low liquidity.

Investor and respected YouTuber, Lark Davis, recently released a new video to report on a potentially upcoming Bull Run in the crypto market. According to Davis, Altcoins, unlike Bitcoin, offer investors the opportunity to make a lot of money. Therefore, the YouTuber made the following recommendation:

Altcoins are going to be the best investment of 2021. Quite simply, if you want to get rich investing in cryptocurrency then you should absolutely be paying attention to altcoins. That is where the money is going to be made this cycle. Yes, Bitcoin will do just fine, but a lot of profits are going to be banked from altcoins into Bitcoin because that is where the money is going to be made.

In addition, the YouTuber also emphasized that Bitcoin is just about to enter the next bull cycle in 2021. In the short term, BTC could exceed its all-time high price to reach $35,000, but altcoins with low market capitalization have the potential to offer gains of 100% or even 1000%, according to Davis:

Altcoins offer you the potential to take an investment of a few thousand dollars and turn that into life-changing money – if, of course, you play your cards right. You see, not all altcoins are created equally. Some are going to crash and burn hard. Some just aren’t really going to do that well. Others are going to make insane returns. Investing in a lot of these cryptos – it’s kind of something similar to investing in other early-stage start-up areas. There’s an incredible risk-to-reward ratio. You can make 100x or even 1000x on your investment. It absolutely happens in crypto. Or it can go to zero.

The biggest gains will go to the sectors with the “best narratives”. Therefore, Davis said he’s pessimistic about Bitcoin forks like Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV and Litecoin. BTC and stablecoins have beaten the others, according to Davis, as payment coins.

Another crypto that might slip out of the top 100 is Ethereum Classic because of its security problems, according to Davis. On the other hand, Ethereum will continue to be the king of the DeFi sector and one of Davis’ main investments, but could lose market share to Cardano, Polkadot, Acala, BAND, Kava and Cosmos.

The protocols that most appeal to the YouTuber on Ethereum’s DeFi are Synthetix, Compound and Ren. In that sense, the investors could obtain good profits by farming UNI and COMP. The analyst also predicted that oracle providers will continue their upward trend in 2021. Chainlink will remain a strong player in that sector, but some of its competitors could emerge and make strong gains such as DIA, BAND. As a final note, Davis said:

No matter how much your coin goes up, no matter how much your profit percentage has gone up. You haven’t earned a penny in profit until you hit the sell button. The most painful thing that crypto investors do is not take profit. Don’t let greed take over your mind.

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