Kleiman lawyers present message of mysterious Bitcoin miner as evidence

  • The legal representation of Ira Kleiman, the brother of Craig Wright’s former business partner, has presented the recently discovered message of the mysterious Bitcoin miner from 2009 as evidence to expose Wright as a swindler.
  • Kleiman’s legal counsel submitted the new document in support of the sanctions petition filed last week.

A notice of additional evidence has been filed with the court handling the Kleiman vs Craig Wright case. Ira Kleiman’s legal representation has presented the mysterious message of a Bitcoin miner from 2009 as evidence. As CNF reported, the message was signed a few days ago by 145 Bitcoin addresses that Wright has claimed to be his own. On top of that, Wright has claimed that he has lost the access to exactly these addresses.

The new document supports the motion for sanctions recently introduced by the representation of Ira Kleiman. In this motion of censure, Kleiman’s lawyers seek to sanction Wright’s actions that have affected the course of the trial because of his lies, falsified evidence and his “complete disregard for the legal system”.

The message mentioned in the notice of additional evidence was discovered a few days ago by a Reddit user and was specifically addressed to Bitcoin’s self-proclaimed inventor, Craig Wright:

Craig Steven Wright is a liar and a fraud. He doesn’t have the keys used to sign this message.

In the crypto community, most have taken this message as further proof that Wright is neither Satoshi Nakamoto nor has access to the nearly one million BTC mined by the inventor of Bitcoin. Kleiman’s attorneys agree, and are now using the message as proof that the address list provided by Wright is another fake. However, they also claim that Wright is hiding the real list with the funds in BTC:

But this message further proves that the list is not an accurate listing of Wright’s bitcoin, and that he is still hiding the true list from Plaintiffs and the Court.

The trial between Kleiman and Wright will begin on July 6 this year, after nearly two years of preliminary hearings. This new document could expedite its outcome. However, Wright can still claim that there was a security breach, as some of his supporters have already done. Among them is the millionaire and founder of the Ayre Group, Calvin Ayre, who attributed the message to developer Greg Maxwell. According to Ayre, Maxwell is leading a “vendetta” against Wright

He presented an early list that was all possible ones his could be that is public…and then later when he was clear on his he filed this in court but its sealed so not public. No of the blocks Maxwell and other Fraudsters are using to attack Craig are on the valid sealed list.

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