Keiser: Bitcoin will rise to $400,000 when US Dollar implodes

  • In a recent interview, Wall Street veteran Max Keiser predicts that Bitcoin will rise to $400,000 USD as soon as the US dollar implodes.
  • According to Keiser, the multiple billionaire Paul Tudor Jones will be the world’s largest Bitcoin whale in 2 years.

In a recent interview, Bitcoin veteran Max Keiser describes that the current monetary policy of the Federal Reserve (Central Bank of America) will contribute to a rising Bitcoin price. Endless money printing will lead to ever increasing inflation, which at some point will lead to a collapse of the world’s reserve currency, the US dollar.

Keiser has been predicting since 2011 that Bitcoin will rise to a price of $100,000. Due to the global coronavirus pandemic and the distributed helicopter money of the central banks, Bitcoin will soon rise to $400,000, in his opinion, once the USD crashes. The population as well as investors in the financial market will look for a stable anchor.

Keiser goes on to say that those who have not invested in Bitcoin will lose most of all, as increasing economic pressures will continue to drive inflation:

My target for BTC since 2011 has been $100,000 and I recently upped that to $400,000. The timing depends on when exactly the $USD collapses.

It could happen any day. Better to be a few months early than a day late. When the dollar cracks, BTC price gaps higher by $10,000 at a clip. If you’re not already positioned, you’ll be eating dirt.

Paul Tudor Jones will be the biggest Bitcoin whale in 2 years

The entry of multiple billionaire Paul Tudor Jones into the Bitcoin market is seen as a bullish signal by some experts in the industry. Max Keiser goes on to say that Paul Tudor Jones (PTJ) sees a great opportunity and great potential in Bitcoin and will therefore become the largest Bitcoin investor worldwide within the next 2 years (freely translated):

I think PTJ, who I followed closely when I was a stockbroker on Wall St. from 1983-1990, will be the biggest HODL’er of Bitcoin within 2 years. He is an absolute mercenary if he sees something he likes.

The Bitcoin community has never seen the likes of PTJ and will be shocked by his take no prisoners audacity.

The Wall Street veteran predicts that the opinion of major banking institutions will continue to change as they gradually cannot get past Bitcoin. It will not be the banks that change Bitcoin, but Bitcoin will change the banking landscape and set new rules in the financial system. Keiser states that he steered Jamie Dimon and JP Morgan towards Bitcoin and convinced them of its advantages.

Contrary to this prediction, Goldman Sachs recently advised its clients not to invest in Bitcoin because the digital asset is still too risky and supposedly does not offer great return opportunities. Keiser also points out that Bitcoin’s inflation rate has dropped to 2% after halving, the same level as gold and the FED’s inflation target.

According to Keiser, Bitcoin has all the essential characteristics of a sustainable store of value, so Bitcoin could be used as a safe anchor in the future and therefore the price could continue to rise. In his opinion, Bitcoin will become the global reserve currency in the near future, if America finds no other measures than the endless machinery of money printing.

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