Italian Red Cross launches Bitcoin campaign to fight Coronavirus

  • The Italian Red Cross launched a fundraising campaign in Bitcoin (BTC) to address the Coronavirus emergency.
  • The campaign has managed to raise 2.81 BTCs, exceeding its initial goal of 2 BTC.

According to the World Health Organization the new epicenter of infection of the COVID-19 or Coronavirus pandemic is Europe. Although the spread of COVID-19 has had negative consequences worldwide, one of the countries most affected is Italy. With more than 17.5 thousand confirmed cases and 1441 deaths, the country needs all the resources it can get. For this reason, the Italian Red Cross and the Colli Albani Committee launched a fundraising campaign in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Details about the Bitcoin campaign to fight Coronavirus

The campaign was launched on March 12 this year and aimed to raise 2 BTC. At the time of publication, the campaign has managed to collect 2,8178 BTCs from 24 donors. The campaign has been closed momentarily to add new goals:

We did it! The project has reached its target and we are so happy about that! In these days we are working to complete the mentioned activities and to add new ones. We should soon open the fundraising project again, stay tuned!

The objective of the campaign is to be able to acquire greater infrastructure and medical equipment to combat the Coronavirus emergency. According to the campaign’s publication, the rest of the funds will be used to provide medical and project personnel with protective equipment. The president of the Colli Albani Committee, Bruno Pietrosanti, says:

We need to ease the pressure in hospitalizations, as the number of infected people is increasing and there is a reduced number of available places within hospital facilities. We believe that an innovative fundraising tool like Bitcoin can help us find the necessary economic resources, that are very difficult to obtain in this historical moment.

The campaign is supported by the startup Young Srl and by the Blockchain Education Network Italy. The directors of these entities, Andrea Ferrero and Emiliano Palermo, stated that the donations are made in a transparent way by using the blockchain. Finally, the CEO of the fundraising platform Helperbit, Guido Baroncini Turricchia, said that the situation in Italy is dramatic. Baroncini added that hospitals are expected to be overloaded in the coming weeks. Baroncini said:

The IRC Colli Albani Committee project goes in the direction to alleviate the pressure to health facilities. We are therefore happy to be able to contribute to this campaign, giving also this opportunity to the Italian and international crypto community.

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