IOTA Streams goes live: Alpha version released

  • IOTA yesterday announced the release of the Alpha version of IOTA Streams.
  • Users can now test the new version and give feedback to the IOTA Foundation.

IOTA announced yesterday in a new blog post that the first alpha version of IOTA Streams has been released for testing. Previously the technology was called MAM (Masked Authenticated Messaging), but the IOTA Foundation decided to give a clearer name to its projects so that the user immediately knows what function the application can perform. Therefore MAM was renamed to IOTA Streams.

MAM or from now on IOTA Streams is an encryption scheme for trinary messages that allows both authenticity and confidentiality on an original implementation and specification of By using IOTA streams messages can be encrypted via NTRU (Public Key Encryption) and PSK (Pre-Shared Key).

In simple terms, it is a second layer data transmission protocol, which enables data streams, which are transmitted between sensors and other devices, to be encrypted appropriately and stored on the tangle in an unmanipulable way. The consensus protocol used by IOTA adds integrity to message and data streams. These features are particularly important in industries where privacy, immutability and integrity are important.

The IOTA Streams alpha version brings some significant changes. Until now, only authors could send, receive and sign messages. Now subscribers can also publish unsigned messages. In contrast to that in MAM v0 only channel owners could publish messages. In the old version a new channel had to be created for each message structure. From now on different message types can be published in the same channel.

Furthermore the access control of the messages was revised and more intelligently arranged:

In MAM v0, the message format was fixed, and if your use case required different message structures, you needed multiple channels for each structure. For example, you may have different message types for monitoring messages and alert messages. In IOTA Streams, you can publish both in the same channel, and applications that read the messages will distinguish them based on their specific headers.

In MAM v0 all messages have existed independently of each other, in IOTA streams messages can be linked together and additional information can be attached. Furthermore older messages in a channel can be changed. Thereby applications can retrieve only the newest valid message to guarantee the integrity.

This makes replacing and changing information such as login information much easier than before. As a result, credentials of a digital identity can be updated without the need to create a new identity or channel, as was previously necessary with MAM.

IOTA asks users for feedback

To test the new features, you can check out the streams repository on GitHub. IOTA will continue with further development, but asks the community for feedback so that IOTA Streams can be fully implemented in Rust and the C implementation can be done as outlined in the roadmap. The feedback will be shared in the IOTA Discord channel.

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