IOTA News Flash: InstaAd Board, EU Blockchain Initiative & Google Docs

  • In India, the Embedded Club has developed a prototype for an advertising board that can be paid for by IOTA for the time the advertisement is placed.
  • IOTA has also been mentioned in a report of the EU Blockchain Observatory & Forum and announced its participation in the Google Season of Docs.

The Embedded Club, a community of developers in India focused on developing new ideas, concepts and prototypes, has developed the IOTA InstaAd Board. The prototype is a small billboard that can be controlled via an Android based app. Using the app, advertisers can place ads on the billboard and pay for the time their ads are displayed on the billboard.

The payment of the ad is done with the IOTA token. The verification of the payment takes about 15 seconds. Users can use the app to set the title and content of the ad, as well as insert a QR code that links to the advertiser’s website.

IOTA receives recognition from EU Blockchain Initiative

In the latest report of the EU Blockchain Observatory & Forum, an initiative of the European Commission, the IOTA technology is mentioned under the section Blockchain and IoT. Specifically, the report states the potential that arises from the combination of both technologies is quite large:

The potential seems quite large, and is reflected in the amount of activity and investment we are seeing in this area. Again, just to cite a few examples: on the protocol level, IOTA is being developed specifically to support IoT and the machine economy at scale. Airalabs is building its Robonomics Network on top of Ethereum to provide support for smart cities and Industry 4.0 by aligning “the abilities of robots with the needs of people”

IOTA Foundation promotes the open source community

As the IOTA Foundation announced, from now on all interested parties can participate in the development of IOTA in many areas. To engage the open source community, the IOTA Foundation has decided to participate in the Google Season of Docs. Google Season of Docs is a program run by Google to connect technical writers with open source organizations.

During the 3-6-month program, technical writers help improve an organization’s documentation, and in return, the writers receive a Google grant. As motivation for participating in the project, the IOTA Foundation writes

As our technology improves and our ambitions grow, so do our documentation goals. We have lots of ideas for improving our content, and it would be great to get the open-source community involved. […] This year, the IOTA Foundation will be releasing a series of new products and as well some breaking changes to the IOTA protocol. These changes will have a big impact on our existing documentation. This is a great opportunity for a technical writer to work with us.

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