IOTA Foundation launches Experience Team to drive community growth

  • The IOTA Foundation has launched a new initiative called “IOTA Experience Team” to strengthen community involvement and encourage growth.
  • The Experience Team is formed by community members and IOTA Foundation staff and will have a significant influence on the development of IOTA.

Via GitHub, Antonio Nardella, community manager of IOTA, has announced a new initiative called “IOTA Experience Team”. The team will be composed of community members and IOTA Foundation staff to intensify efforts to make IOTA technology accessible to the community. Commenting on the vision of the IOTA Experience Team, Nardella wrote:

Sustainable open source software is always, first and foremost, a community effort. By its very nature, the health of every project in this domain has as much to do with those consuming the code as it has to do with those maintaining it. At the IOTA Foundation, we want to open up a feedback loop between our internal development teams and, you, the amazing people doing wonderful things with the protocol.

The goal of the initiative is to involve “a part of the real world” in the development processes of the IOTA Foundation in order to accompany the transition from “alpha to full version”. Members of the team are not “confronted with demands or endless formalities”, but are empowered to speak for the community and guide development processes with their voice. Ultimately, this is intended to increase the IOTA community.

Interested members of the community are given the opportunity to participate in initiatives for individual projects, such as GoShimmer and IOTA Streams. In order to ensure a regulated cooperation, the IOTA Foundation has developed a charter that describes the rights and duties of a member of the IOTA Experience Team.

Within the fellowship there will be community leaders who have the right and responsibility to remove, edit or reject comments, commits, codes, wiki edits, topics and other contributions that do not comply with this Code of Conduct. Membership is valid for 6 months and members are obliged to participate regularly. If the member has not attended at least 25% of all meetings within 3 months, he/she loses his/her seat.

Furthermore, there is no fixed size of the IOTA Experience Team. However, the expected target is between 9 and 12 advisors to ensure adequate coverage of important areas of expertise and the ability to make decisions efficiently. Furthermore, the members do not need to have any special qualifications. The IOTA Experience Team sessions are transmitted via Jitsi, with session times centrally coordinated to optimize them for the participants’ time zones.

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