IOTA Foundation collaborates with DataGovs to launch data governance protocol GOVS

  • The GOVS protocol seeks to enhance data governance for cloud warehouses and further extend it on DLT platforms like the blockchain.
  • GOVS will leverage the use of IOTA tokens in processing “data” and exchanging credits.

The IOTA foundation has always taken data management issues seriously and once again it has undertaken another initiative. On Tuesday, February 8, the IOTA Foundation in collaboration with DataGovs announced GOVS, a startup organization focused on data governance.

GOVS stands for “governance system” that uses the data governance for cloud warehouses and further extends it over distributed ledger technology like the blockchain. It will help individuals and organizations in carrying out secure data and monitoring related to energy and water consumption.

The GOVS team is working on creating simplistic protocols for ledger technologies to better serve customers. Thus, DataGovs shall now be leveraging the IOTA technology to connect, automate, and monitor the Internet of Things. Speaking of this development, Gregory Johnson, Co-Founder of US-based DataGovs, said:

We serve growing business and enterprise in digitizing their physical operations on the cloud and distributed ledger technologies for assets for the Internet of Everything. We see this being a driver for better operations powering the economy in reliable data on safety, sustainability, compliance, and efficiency.

Understanding GOVS role in data governance on IOTA

The GOVS protocol will be available first as an iOS application serving as a gateway and data marketplace. The team has already launched the iOS beta by onboarding 1000 users for testing and feedback purposes.

The in-app DataGovs will further launch a wallet for holding digital assets such as IOTA tokens. GOVS will further leverage the use of IOTA tokens in processing “data” and exchanging credits.

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With this integration in place, DataGovs has already started working with organizations in the U.S. to test secure data sharing for safety-related assets. It also plans to bring this facility to more organizations.

DataGovs has partnered with some giant tech organizations and high-growth startups such as Microsoft, Comcast, Costco, and ABinBEV. GataGovs founder Gregory expressed his confidence in working with organizations. He said:

We are confident that as long as people and organizations seek to use IOTA in their workflows our connector will thrive and serve the ecosystem beneficially. For us, it’s not about technology it’s about the problems people are facing and giving them the best tools to address it.

Today tools like Git are available as a project, but people still use GitHub or GitLabs. Why? Because there will always be a need for a product or entity to broker trusted services. Technology like IOTA is a pillar that increases the adoption of the web. Some call it Web3, but we think of it as the way the web was supposed to be all along.

IOTA notes that GOVS will ultimately emerge as a network focused on utility data. It will also help in steering ahead of the future of work using machines to drive compliance, sustainability, efficiency, and safety.

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