IOTA: First SOCIETY2 product will be available to use very soon

  • The first product of SOCIETY2, “Secrets”, is in the final stage of development.
  • “Secrets” will allow sending private peer-to-peer messages.

SOCIETY2‘s ecosystem is starting to grow and its first product is in the final stage of development. As announced today, “Secrets” will be a messaging application that allows its users to send private peer-to-peer messages or add users to a private group. The announcement of the upcoming release of “Secrets” was made via a tweet from Chief Operating Officer at SOCIETY2, Joseph Skewes:

The secret is out. The first #SOCIETY2 product (#IOTA-based secure messenger) is named ‘Secrets’ and will be available to use very soon.

According to SOCIETY2’s website, the application “Secrets” will allow its users to create digital identities. This way, the users of the application will be able to send encrypted messages to others. The application is built to give full privacy, control, and ownership of identity to its users, according to SOCIETY2’s vision.

SOCIETY2 builds decentralized social networks on IOTA

SOCIETY2 is a project that aims to enable the construction of social networks to give users back power over their data, identity and privacy. Built on IOTA‘s distributed ledger technology, SOCIETY2 will use the Tangle to store information in a secure and reliable network. The aim of the platform is to promote the creation of “decentralized social networks”.

On this, SOCIETY2’s Chief Operating Officer has highlighted the benefits that the ecosystem will bring to all users. With SOCIETY2, consumers and creators will be able to track and pay for the content they are interested in more easily, as Skewes added:

I want to be able to follow someone on social, see their regular musings & paid content in 1 spot. Paid content unlocked with a single mouse click, taking funds from my digital wallet, preferably no transaction fee. No separate platform. Micropayments for what interests. #DeSM

As opposed to “traditional” social networks, SOCIETY2’s ecosystem offers users freedom, choice and decision-making power over the use of their personal information. SOCIETY2’s ecosystem will use a system based on decentralized identity or self-sovereign identity (DID). In this way, users will be able to migrate between decentralized social networks with the assurance that their data and privacy remain secure. SOCIETY2 CEO Ben Royce had the following to say about this system:

(…) this should encourage a healthy market of platforms ready to compete for our content or attention.

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