IOTA Experience Teams highlights achievements on its first-year anniversary

  • IOTA Experience Teams celebrate its first-year anniversary today.
  • Some of the key achievements of the X-Teams have been shared with the IOTA community.

It has been a year since the IOTA Experience Team initiative was set up to work together with the members of the IOTA Foundation in all the stages of the project’s development. Ten IOTA X-Teams were set up and given 47 goals to achieve, some technical while others weren’t. They have so far contributed to the adoption, development, and outreach of the IOTA project. Today, some of the key achievements of the IOTA X-teams have been shared with the community for members to take a cue in their contribution to the IOTA vision.

The Bee team

The Bee team was created with a transparent development approach. Their communication was based on the IOTA Discord. In this case, people could monitor their activities and contribute to the development if necessary. 

“The Bee X-Team members strongly supported IOTA Foundation’s Bee team at a very early stage of the project by setting up nodes, debugging, sharing their findings, and heavily contributing to find and solve issues or define parts of the project through their experience,” according to the statement

IOTA Identity Team

This team was created to ensure that help, spotlight, and guidance are provided to the IOTA identity community. This is to provide feedback and ensure that consistent workflows are launched around the IOTA identity. As part of their achievement, they came out with identity solutions and scheduled meetings to discuss the IOTA identity implementations. Members contributed their fair share of solutions and after comparing them, the right approach was employed. 

GoShimmer X-Team

This team ensured that the GoShimmer nodes were set up in different parts of the world in a bid to assist the researchers of the IOTA Foundation. 

“The GoShimmer X-Team has been tremendously helpful and instrumental at supporting the development of Pollen, the testnet of our Coordicide research prototype, ” said Angelo Capossele, a senior research scientist at IF.”

Cross Initiative and Firefly

The close testing phase of Firefly was the most important in the cross initiative. To test the alpha version of Firefly, X-Team members from all initiatives were invited. They tested and provided a feedback report on all issues including technical bugs, user experience, new feature requests, and technical issues. 

Charley Varley, a senior software engineer has expressed his satisfaction with the achievement of the team and its contribution to Firefly. “Many improvements in Firefly have come from within the X-Team,” he said.

“I am extremely thankful to everyone for taking their free time to work on improving the wallet,” he added.

The Simplify X-Team

This team was given a clear objective to make IOTA easier to approach from all angles. This does not require sophisticated skills, which allowed newcomers to join and share what works and does not work in their approach to the IOTA ecosystem. After a year, they have made it easier to access the project.

After a year of operation, the IOTA vision has massively been accepted and been worked on by a team that has contributed their experience, skills, and time to drive the project to a new height. 

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