IOTA, Dell and Linux collaborate on Alvarium project

  • IOTA, Dell Technologies and the Linux Foundation will collaborate on the Alvarium project.
  • The cooperation will provide software on the Dell Technologies code that evaluates the trustworthiness and reliability of data.

IOTA remains true to the open collaboration approach and continues to participate in the joint development of projects to evaluate data from complex, diverse sources. Just a few weeks ago, the IOTA Foundation announced a cooperation with Linux in order to advance the adaptation of the LF Edge Framework developed by Linux through the use of the Tangle.

Project Alvarium aims to create intrinsic trust

A central challenge in both the industry and the crypto market is to trust data from different systems and to classify them as reliable. Alvarium’s goal is to develop a concept that collects, analyzes and evaluates data from different systems, starting with data generation up to the operational platform.

Jason Shepherd, CTO of Dell Technologies, explains that Alvarium will improve the transparency and privacy of each industry:

By creating the industry’s first method to deliver data with measurable confidence, we will fundamentally change how individuals, businesses, non-profit organizations and government entities alike manage, share and monetize their data efficiently at scale, all while maintaining privacy based on terms they establish.

Project Alvarium provides industry technology leaders with a central hub where insights and contributions can be exhibited, viewed, and evaluated. This is to ensure that the maximum value is derived from the data generated in a trusted, secure but open development environment.

Dominik Schiener, co-founder of IOTA, describes that he expects a broad acceptance of the new technology Data Confidence Fabrics:

Data Confidence Fabrics address three inherent and often conflicting challenges within the massive debate over data — how to keep control in the hands of the owner, how to allow for its public use and which data to trust.

IOTA’s role in the project

IOTA will enhance the Alvarium project with fundamental security and trust features. The crypto project will ensure that the creation of the data structure and data management will be scalable and secure. IOTA thus represents the link between the different systems and will initially be used as an unchangeable storage and validation mechanism.

The described Data Confidence Fabric solution uses these capabilities to provide an end-to-end solution within the data flow. The setup of this concept can be transferred relatively easily to other projects, thus ensuring the continued use of this technology. David Sønstebø describes that the trust within companies in data is becoming increasingly important:

Trust in data is increasingly important in today’s organizational environments. Project Alvarium is coming at an integral time as the intersection of control over data, transparency and privacy touch just about every single organization and person. IOTA’s inherent trust layer was developed specifically to address these challenges, and we look forward to the technology being a core enabler in the Data Confidence Fabric.

The following video shows how the partnership works in detail and provides the most important information about the project.

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