IOTA cooperates with Linux: aims to set new standard

  • The IOTA Foundation will work with the Linux Foundation to further develop and improve the interoperability of the LF Edge Framework.
  • IOTA strives to make its Tangle technology more interoperable so that other companies can more easily integrate and use Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) in their companies.

IOTA is already working with a number of heavyweights in the tech industry to simplify internal business processes and process and leverage the vast amount of data collected. Many projects fail due to a targeted processing of “Big Data”. This is exactly where IOTA’s Tangle comes in, a rival to the blockchain.

As we already reported, IOTA Chronicle will solve the storage space problem by processing and storing transactions in a fast, secure and distributed database. The aim is to make the unlimited flow of data easier to grasp and more efficient for companies to store. In April of this year, the IOTA Foundation also announced that it will continue its expansion in North America.

IOTA’s DLT to create interoperability

The Linux Foundation has long been a leader in the open source community and has partnered and developed several innovative projects in the past. The company has the perfect prerequisites for building multi-stakeholder solutions and a platform that can be used for the entire technology industry.

In addition, the Linux Foundation has the renowned LF Edge framework, which is used for an open source stack for Internet of Things (IoT), edge and cloud interoperability. So far, however, one important piece of the puzzle is missing from the system to ensure further use in different industries. The interoperability between the LF Edge framework and other technologies is currently failing due to an adequate solution.

This is exactly where IOTA’s Distributed Ledger technology, the Tangle, comes in. IOTA is working with LF Edge, a global federation, to make the open framework for edge computing more interoperable. Put simply, the goal of Edge Computing is to process data streams in a resource-saving way, ideally in a single location, while still ensuring seamless operability, such as in the cloud.

The aim is to develop a solution that promotes interoperability for IoT, edge and cloud integration. Arpit Joshipura, General Manager, Networking, Edge and IoT at the Linux Foundation, said that the collaboration with IOTA will strengthen the industry and ensure further advancement of the technology:

We look forward to working more closely with the IOTA Foundation to drive open innovation and leverage the unique capabilities that IOTA brings to the LF Edge table.

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Working with the IOTA Foundation is another example of the power of working together in the open source community and how our communities can become stronger together.

By bringing together industry leaders, LF Edge aims to create a common framework for hardware and software standards and best practices that are critical to sustaining current and future generations of IoT and Edge devices. LF Edge promotes collaboration and innovation across a wide range of industries. These include industrial manufacturing, cities and government, energy, transportation, retail, automotive and healthcare, and many other industries that can be changed through Edge Computing.

The initial focus will be on integration with EdgeX Foundry. There, it will collaborate with other members of the foundation to test and demonstrate the IOTA protocol’s capabilities for securing, scaling, and enhancing interoperability in the Edge and Fog areas of the stack. The company describes its further objectives in cooperation with IOTA as follows (freely translated):

EdgeX Foundry focuses on the Industrial IoT Edge. The EdgeX Foundry uses cloud-native principles (e.g. loosely coupled microservices, platform independence), but is designed to meet the specific requirements of the IoT Edge, including inclusion of IP- and non-IP-based connection protocols, security and system management for widely distributed nodes, and scaling to very limited devices.

Powerful partnership = strong IOTA price?

IOTA already works with heavyweights in the tech industry such as Bosch, BMW, Hyperledger and several others. More and more companies are recognizing the potential and are starting to pilot joint projects in cooperation with the IOTA Foundation.

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Unfortunately, the IOTA price only profits from this for a short time and shows an increase for a few hours, but often falls back to the starting level. At the time of writing, IOTA’s price was quoted at USD 0.2573, an increase of 4.38% over the last 24 hours.


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