IOTA Comnet testnet reaches 1,250 TPS in stress test

  • In a stress test conducted yesterday for the release of the IOTA Hornet Node software v.4.0, up to 1,250 transactions per second (TPS) were achieved in the Comnet testnet.
  • According to Mat Yargar, with the release of Chrysalis, the throughput on the IOTA Tangle could increase to 3,000 to 4,000 TPS.

Just last Saturday we reported on CNF that the IOTA Comnet testnet, a community network of Hornet nodes, had achieved a throughput of up to 600 transactions per second. As current data shows, however, this is far from the maximum. A spam test conducted yesterday showed that with the new Hornet node v.4.0. alone, the IOTA network can handle a throughput of up to 1,250 transactions per second (TPS).

The test was conducted to celebrate the release of Hornet node software v.4.0 release candidate (rc) 13 on GitHub. The release removes the unnecessary code for trinary computing and converts this code to its binary version, improving performance according to the change log on GitHub. After yesterday’s release, Navin Ramachandran, researcher at the IOTA Foundation, announced the spam test via Twitter:

The #IOTA #comnet stress test / spamfest will begin at 8 pm CET. Follow progress on the #comnet channel of the IOTA Discord. The HORNET devs have been working over the weekend, so we hope for an improvement in TPS and CTPS today.

Reminder that CTPS is currently roughly 10 on #IOTA mainnet. It will be really interesting to see what percentage improvement we get here.

IOTA Hornet node can handle up to 1,250 TPS

Mat Yargar, head of the Smart Cities department at the IOTA Foundation, reported on the results of the stress test via Twitter. Yargar wrote that up to 1,250 transactions per second were achieved, highlighting that the number was achieved without any Chrysalis update:

Nice #spamtest today on #comnet. Great job @der_muXxer and #hornet team. I grabbed this screenshot as it went and missed it when it broke 1250tps. Excited for the new updates and things to get even faster with the #Chrysalis updates in the coming months!

Yargar added that Hornet, together with WhiteFlag, the new UTXO model, the complete conversion to binary calculations, tip selection and some other measures, could reach up to 4,000 transactions per second:

All of the Chrysalis updates will give a substantial boost. Whiteflag, UTXO, complete Binary, optional WOTS/EdDSA, Tip Selection and the language focus and library modifications. It really wouldnt surprise me to see us break 3-4000tps through those implementations alone.

Meanwhile, Hans Moog, developer at the IOTA Foundation gave more details on the launch of Chrysalis via Discord and explained that the confirmed transactions per second (CTPS) will be close to 100% every 5 to 10 seconds:

With the first Chrysalis changes in July mainnet coordinator will change and ctps will be around 100% with 5-10 seconds. Confirmation time at all-time due to the new tip selection algorithm that is also used in Coordicide.

From that point on mainnet will essentially be production ready already but we are slowly exchanging more parts with consequent updates like getting rid of trinary, introducing the new ledger state and introducing atomic transactions and the new signature scheme and so on. It will essentially be a slow transition towards Coordicide with a few weeks between each upgrade.

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