IOST Joins BSN-China’s Nationwide Blockchain Network

On April 18th, IOST Enterprise Edition Aiou Technology officially becomes a qualified developer of China nationwide blockchain network, the Blockchain-based Ser­vice Net­work BSN.

BSN is China’s first nationwide blockchain network that:

  • Backed by Chinese government policy think tank the State Information Center (SIC), and jointly developed by major China’s state-run telecom China Mobile and the Chinese government-supported payment card network China UnionPay, and Red Date Technology
  • Provides a cross-network, cross-regions, and cross-institution global blockchain service infrastructure
  • Provides developers with a public blockchain resource environment based on the Internet concept, which greatly reduces the development, deployment, operation and maintenance, interoperability, and regulatory costs of blockchain applications, so as to promote the rapid development and adoption of blockchain technology.

About BSN

Previously, each participant in a traditional consortium chain application had to build and operate its own exclusive node and respective consensus mechanism. Each node needs to use a physical server or cloud service, to connect with one another through the Internet or an internal network, thereby forming an isolated blockchain application similar to a local-area network.

In this traditional structure, participants need to establish a new blockchain operating environment for each consortium chain, which leads to high cost and a situation where server resources are not fully used or even completely unused. The high cost brought by deployment and maintenance is a major barrier when it comes to the development of blockchain.

In addition, there is no unified technical standard for the underlying framework adopted by various LAN-type blockchain applications, thus business data is unable to interact with each other, which restricts the transformation and adoption of blockchain technology. Therefore, there is an urgent call for a public infrastructure network that is recognized by all parties in the industry.

On October 15, 2019, BSN was jointly initiated by the leaders of the State Information Center, China Mobile & China UnionPay. BSN’s mission is to provide a public infrastructure network that can develop, deploy, operate & maintain, interoperate, and supervise blockchain applications at low cost.

On December 1, the first BSN partner conference was held in Hangzhou in which the experts and scholars from various industries conducted an in-depth discussion of BSN’s role in the development of smart cities and the digital economy.

BSN’s design and construction concept referred to the Internet’s TCP / IP protocol. BSN is a global basic network with cross-cloud, cross-framework, and cross-portal service. It aims to connect all data centers together by establishing a set of blockchain operating environment protocols. As a global public network, BSN supports both the consortium chain and the public chain underlying framework. It will be the world’s first infrastructure network independently innovated by China and controlled by the right to access the network and can be rapidly deployed around the world.

The categories of BSN Members

1. Cloud Service Providers

Through the installation of BSN public city node software, a cloud service provider can connect its cloud service resources (CPU, storage and bandwidth) to the BSN and sell the service on it;

2. Underlying blockchain framework providers (specifically consortium chain)

After adopting corresponding standards, blockchain framework service can be deployed to the service network for developers to select.

3. Portal providers

Portal providers can quickly and cost-effectively establish a BaaS platform on the service network in the existing cloud service portal or developer portal, and provide customers with blockchain application development, deployment, and operation services based on the service network.

IOST Enterprise Edition- Aiou Technology to Join BSN

On April 18, 2020, IOST Enterprise Edition — Aiou Technology obtained the qualified developer certificate of the national consortium chain BSN blockchain service network.

After becoming a qualified developer of BSN, Aiou Technology will participate in the development and testing of the BSN service network. The BSN released a complete set of blockchain solutions based on anti-counterfeiting traceability, supply chain finance, data asset sharing, and certification records to provide accurate and effective docking for upstream and downstream suppliers and demand in the corresponding industry.

It is an honor for IOST to be recognized by the official BSN. IOST and its enterprise edition Aiou Technology will continue to make due contributions to the development of BSN applications. Together with well-known enterprises such as China Mobile and Weizhong Bank, IOST aims to create customized industrial blockchain solutions and contribute to the development of the new infrastructure, new smart cities, and the digital economy, which are of increasing importance nowadays.

In the future, IOST Enterprise Edition will continue to dedicate to blockchain technology, relying on its 6 core technical advantages — Multi-cloud support, Multi-chain support, Permission management, Smart contracts, Privacy protection, and Consensus mechanism — to make due contributions to the BSN Development Alliance and promote the commercial implementation of blockchain technology.

Join The IOST Community!

With a mainnet that is one-year-old, IOST has swiftly risen to become a world-leading public chain renowned for its numerous government collaborations and enterprise partnerships around the world.

In a bid to provide an open-source public platform to enterprises to leverage the benefits of DLT, the IOST blockchain project launched its Business-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform — Aircraft Carrier Plan.

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