How QuiverX Capital is changing crowdfunding for SMEs through blockchain technology 

Small and medium enterprises in the traditional finance ecosystem still face significant challenges in raising funds. In this line, some businesses end up failing with their excellent ideas going to waste. Traditional crowdfunding faces several shortcomings, and most importantly, the inflation rate remains the critical pain point. At the same time, the devaluation of fiat currency means that businesses cannot continue relying on it as a long term funding source. 

However, the advent of blockchain technology offers a new glimpse of hope for businesses’ approach towards raising capital. Investors now have a means of accessing a decentralized model of finance. Platforms like QuiverX deploy blockchain technology as a crowdfunding hedge against inflation, hence revolutionizing traditionally inaccessible markets.

What is QuiverX Capital? 

QuiverX Capital is a new decentralized crowdfunding platform that enables enterprises to raise capital through digital assets. The team offers dynamic growth through fractional ownership and open booking, clearing entry barriers to pre-IPO opportunities. In the long run, the QuiverX Capital business model presents an opportunity to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and traditional markets. It aims to offer a dynamic and secure option for individuals seeking a decentralized finance option.

QuiverX value proposition

QuiverX is coming up with a new DeFi model that will provide tokenized equity offerings using smart contracts within the world of crowdfunding. The Ethereum ecosystem powers the smart contract. The platform is designed to link investors, and SMEs anchored on full transparency and complete control of all capital involved.

Individuals who join the platform and invest into these enterprises will receive an ERC 1400 security token representing their percentage of ownership within the company.  What makes QuiverX unique is its proprietary insertion of metadata directly into the smart contracts. This metadata will be comprised of our legal team and professional security and financial auditors, guaranteeing the ownership and value to anyone in possession of the tokens. QuiverX will also offer the freedom for investors to trade these tokens on their resident peer-to-peer exchange.  

The good news is that investors enjoy zero fees. QuiverX charges businesses a 6-8% fee based on the capital that is raised in the course of the campaign. The fee can possibly be offset by a 2.5% fee charged to the investor based on the decision of the issuer. Through the QuiverX Digital Wallet, investors can easily store, transfer, and monitor trade-based information on their assets within the wallet.

Before listing on QuiverX Capital, businesses need to ensure they adhere to local regulatory requirements alongside meeting due diligence by completing the KYC process. Furthermore, companies will need to submit supporting documents like licenses and the business and financial plan. One of the key outstanding features of QuiverX is that businesses in the crypto and non-crypto world can apply. It’s worth noting that, like any other digital currencies investments, taking part in QuiverX Capital’s crowdfunding projects comes with high risks, but the possibility of high rewards stands out.

The platform is powered by the QuiverX utility token that can be used to pay for services on the website, promotions, advertisements, listings, and transaction fees. Users who join QuiverX Capital are also incentivized to hold the QuiverX token earning early access to investment opportunities, reduced network fees, and monthly rewards for being QuiverX holders. Furthermore, the utility token is the underlying asset on the point-of-sale payment cards, which can be utilized anywhere major credit cards like VISA and MasterCard are accepted.

Most importantly, QuiverX is more than a crowdfunding platform for SMEs. It offers products including QuiverX-xReward Program (staking), QuiverX-xEarn Marketplace, Quixswap Exchange, QuiverX- Digital Wallet, Black Label, QuiverX-xCard (point of sale payment), QuiverX-eXcel Program, and QuiverX-xATM. 

QuiverX Capital product roadmap

To realize its goals, QuiverX Capital has lined up a series of new features. By the end of Q1 2021, QuiverX Capital plans to unveil a beta version of the xEarn Marketplace and launch a custom wallet. As far as listing on a public exchange, the QuiverX Capital team is ahead of schedule with having taken a position on Bitmart Exchange in December 2020. By Q2 2021, QuiverX Capital is scheduled to launch the MVP version of their crowdfunding portal and Quixswap Exchange, alongside the point of sale card.

QuiverX Capital key partnerships

Established businesses have shown trust in the QuiverX Capital platform. Therefore, there are solid partnerships to ensure QuiverX Capital attains its goals. For instance, QuiverX has partnered with Chainlink to offer users transparent cash flow information. Through the collaboration, the Chainlink oracles are able to retrieve data based on the quarterly business revenue of SMEs listed on the QuiverX system. This offers room to deliver it on-chain where it is stored in reference contracts. QuiverX, therefore, establishes a transparent bookkeeping model where anyone can easily verify a token’s value based on its historical revenue. 

Additionally, QuiverX has an existing collaboration with Defiboost, a premier marketing platform comprising a team of experts within the field of DeFi Public Relations. Through the partnership, Defiboost offers authentic coverage from leading crypto publishers and influencers in the industry. It will link the project to VIP influencers and opinion leaders. 

The bottom line

QuiverX Capital is designed for investors looking for a safe and rewarding platform to invest and earn. As highlighted, the platform uniquely reinvents the crowdfunding landscape to provide cryptocurrency investors a simple way to access the full potential of traditional markets. Participants on the platform are bound to enjoy endless financial opportunities. 

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