Hoskinson praises the community effort to guide the Cardano Foundation

  • The Cardano community has organized itself spontaneously to discuss the future of the Cardano Foundation.
  • Charles Hoskinson is committed to supporting the community efforts to decentralize Cardano.

Highlighting the importance of a Cardano community initiative and its relevance to the development of the platform, IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson released a new video. In this, he celebrated the spontaneous gathering of more than a hundred members of the Cardano community in a telegram group called “Build The Roadmap”.

The initiative came after two community managers were fired from the Cardano Foundation without explanation. The group was created by Cardano Ambassador Rick McCracken and aims to bring together Cardano volunteers to build a roadmap that can serve the Cardano Foundation in determining future milestones.

The group consists, as Hoskinson noted, of other Cardano ambassadors, community leaders and stake pool operators. Since its creation, the group has grown significantly and, at the time of publication, is close to 600 members. Regarding the aim of the group, McCracken stated the following:

We are going to build a public roadmap, in public. We will build this on either GitHub or the Cardano Forum. And we will put the roadmap up to a community vote. This group is just to get us started.

This is the Cardano community

The group created an Excel sheet that can be view on the following link. There, the members of the Cardano community have divided the most important points of the roadmap into sections, each with a section leader. Among the topics, the members of the Cardano community are discussing: partnerships, use cases, promotion of Cardano adoption and the integration with exchanges, among others.

Charles Hoskinson, CEO of IOHK, stated that he is an active member of the group, together with other members of the Cardano Foundation Council. He reaffirmed that the IOHK seeks to support similar community-based initiatives as much as possible and made the following recommendation

(…) install a kind of structure and layer of project management (…). I think what will happen is that after the initial enthusiasm fades a bit, there will be a regular work rhythm.

Once some points in the roadmap have been agreed upon, a community vote could be held in the short term. Hoskinson believes that will not happen in weeks, but in months. However, the IOHK CEO is confident about the progress the group members will make:

A community-oriented roadmap is an important philosophical step, in my view. What it does is tell the Foundation that under no uncertain terms will the expectations of the community be (changed).

As reported by CNF, IOHK CEO has been very vocal that the future of Cardano should be in the hands of the community. This will materialize with the next era of Cardano’s development, Voltaire. In that sense, the IOHK CEO stated that the creation of initiatives like the one mentioned above gives the community the opportunity to discuss priorities, values, and a joint vision:

On our side, we are doing everything in our power to accelerate Voltaire so that democratic mandates can be given when or where they need to be improved. We are doing everything in our power to provide support on the project management side.

The IOHK CEO acknowledged that they will follow the path that the community wants to take. Therefore, he will send a letter to the Cardano Foundation to ask that the issues presented by the community be discussed. Finally, Hoskinson is happy about the events related to this initiative and believes that a “stronger” Cardano Foundation will emerge from this process:

I’m excited to be a part of it as a humble foot soldier (I’ll be there) for when I’m needed, but certainly not as a leader. The community is leading this one and that’s a good thing for all of us (…).

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