Hoskinson denounces Wikipedia: Cardano content censored

  • Wikipedia has removed changes on the Proof of Stake article made by the Cardano community and Charles Hoskinson.
  • The creator of Cardano denounces the censorship of David Gerard, an editor of Wikipedia.

IOHK CEO and inventor of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson, denounces the continuing censorship on Wikipedia. In a video uploaded to YouTube, Hoskinson spoke about the events that led to the censorship. According to Hoskinson, members of the Cardano community changed the article about the Proof of Stake. However, after making the changes that included information on the Ouroboros consensus protocol, introduced a few days ago, the changes were removed by Wikipedia editors, as Hoskinson confirmed:

This is another example of the existential danger to an industry when people rely on things that appear to be open but are actually controlled by a few people who are incredibly biased and who are not accountable to anyone else.

Commercial censorship to Cardano

The matter continued as members of the Cardano community persistently implemented the changes to the article. The result was the same, their changes were removed by the Wikipedia editors. According to one of the platform’s editors, Bonade, the information added to the article were distorted, as he wrote:

The text proposed above is hardly neutral—it talks about ‘diligent research’ and ‘innovative features’ which ‘lend credibility to it’s claim’, etc. That kind of wording is not appropriate in an encyclopedia, even if the content should be acceptable.

Following these attempts by the Cardano community, the IOHK CEO denounced the commercial censorship by Wikipedia. The user CardanoForTheMasses also reported “abusive” behavior by Wikipedia administrators. In particular by the editor and administrator David Gerard, who placed the mentioned article under “extended confirmation”. This means that all future changes to the article must be made by an editor who meets certain requirements: He has to be an active user on Wikipedia for 30 days and have edited 500 articles. Hoskinson responded:

Yes David Gerard is the one who has been a censor. It has been going on for years since the Ethereum days. I don’t know why he hates us so or where his ego comes from.

Gerard is the author of the book “Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain”: Bitcoin, Blockchain, Ethereum & Smart Contracts”. In the book, Gerard states that, “Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain… are bad”. In addition, in a response from a Twitter user, Gerard stated that the best contribution the crypto ecosystem can make is to “disappear […] given that isn’t the case, warning others about the ridiculous steaming shitpile is a positive contribution to the world”.

Hoskinson, for his part, called on Wikipedia to make the rules for publication clear and transparent so that Cardano and its community can comply:

(…)  meet that standard…We are not afraid to have a debate. We are not afraid to represent our technology, and our progress.

Below you can find the full video of IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson:

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