Has Elon Musk been shilling CumRocket? Its community thinks so, as price rallies to new record

  • Elon Musk has promoted Bitcoin and Dogecoin over the past few years, and now, the CumRocket community believes he’s found his next coin.
  • In a number of tweets, Musk seemed to cryptically endorse the controversial crypto whose target market is the adult industry, leading to a price rally.

Elon Musk is one of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency influencers. For years, he has been endorsing Bitcoin, leading to on-and-off price rallies. He then became the ‘Dogefather’, promoting Dogecoin and sparking one of the industry’s biggest bull runs. Has the Technoking of Tesla found a new favorite coin – the CumRocket community certainly seems to think so.

CumRocket is a relatively new token that launched this year, built on the Binance Smart Chain. It was founded by Lydia, a British Tik-Tok star who has for years been making crypto content on the video-sharing platform. It describes itself as an 18+ NFT platform for adult creators. It targets collaborating with NSFW creators to create and sell NFTs and later in the year, have its own NSFW platform where content creators can be tipped with CUMMIES, the native token.

Since its launch, CumRocket has been mocked by many within and beyond the crypto industry as proof that crypto speculators will buy just about any token. However, in the past few days, the community has been celebrating one price milestone after another, and it’s all down to Elon.

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CumRocket to the moon!

It started on June 3 when the Tesla CEO tweeted “Canada, USA, Mexico.” This was all the CumRocket community needed to spark its own theory. According to them, this was in tribute to CUM-Rocket.

This wasn’t all. Two days later, the SpaceX founder would make a cryptic tweet that once again, the CumRocket community chose to interpret as an endorsement.

This “endorsement” was enough to generate hype around the project, and as it always happens, the price took off. In a few hours, the CUMMIES price shot up by over 300 percent from $0.07 to $0.285 on PancakeSwap, the BSC-based decentralized exchange where it currently trades.

The CumRocket team was also quick to seize the opportunity, seeking to engage Musk on the possibility of naming one of the SpaceX spaceships after the project. As you’ll recall, TRON founder Justin Sun has offered to pay $50 million for the same privilege.

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