Get Ready for a 4000% ROI: This New Memecoin is Giving Shiba Inu a Run for Its Money

– Pikamoon is a new memecoin that is positioned as a strong contender to overtake Shiba Inu in terms of popularity and potential returns.

– Seasoned crypto investors have predicted a remarkable 4000% return on investment for early investors in Pikamoon, making it an enticing option for those seeking quick ROI in the memecoin space.

Memecoins are the hottest investment options right now for investors who want to make a quick ROI. Apart from the fact that they are mainly supported by strong communities that hype them a lot, they often deliver returns in a much shorter time frame than other cryptocurrencies. For a while, Dogecoin and Shiba Inu have been the top cryptocurrencies, being the preferred choices of new and experienced investors who would like to try out memecoins. 

In recent times, it seems like a new challenger is stepping up to take over from Shiba Inu. Although other newer memecoins have tried to unseat SHIB, this new memecoin has all it takes to become the leading memecoin of the present and future. This challenger: Pikamoon, is expected to give a mouth-watering 4000% ROI to early investors, according to analysis by seasoned crypto investors. 

In this article, we will learn what Pikamoon is and why it would give Shiba Inu a huge run for its money.

What is Pikamoon?

It’s a brand-new Metaverse game that focuses on optimising gameplay for avid players by delivering high-fidelity graphics and earning models that reward players for the time they spend in that game. PIKA is the native token of the Pikamoon game and is the basis for all transactions within the Pikaverse. Interestingly, PIKA can be effortlessly converted into real money. Now, what makes Pikamoon the best challenger for Shiba Inu?

How will Pikamoon overthrow Shiba Inu?

In the crypto space, it’s not hard to see new coins outshine their predecessors, especially when these coins come with more utility. A lot of coins that were relevant 10 years ago haven’t been able to keep up and are being overtaken by newer projects. Pikamoon is one memecoin set to overtake every other memecoin, not just Shiba Inu. But the question most investors are asking is: Does Pikamoon have such a huge capacity? The answer is yes, and here’s how.

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Firstly, Pikamoon arguably has the best graphics in Metaverse gaming. A quick visit to the official Pikamoon website and Twitter handle will show you the extensive details that went into creating different Pikamoons (main game characters). And that’s just the tip of the iceberg compared to the in-game graphics players will enjoy. After partnering with Kevuru Games and Unreal Engine 5, you can’t expect their graphics to be anything less than perfect.

Another outstanding feature is Pikamoon’s earning model. Many metaverse projects develop a good metaverse for their users but do not usually have a clear-cut earning model. This is why Pikamoon has a crystal-clear earning model that gives every player the rewards they deserve for being active in the Pikaverse. What’s more? These rewards don’t have to stay in the game. You can cash them out 24/7 and flex your in-game earnings in the real world!

In addition, the Pikamoon team is fully doxxed. This means you can easily contact any team member through the appropriate channels: they are not anonymous like the founders of many memecoin projects. PIKA investors don’t need to keep guessing who their founder is. Doxxing shows transparency and a commitment to see the project reach new, consecutive heights.

How to Invest in Pikamoon Early?

The Pikamoon is currently having its presale, which means you can buy the token at a very cheap price. You can get Pikamoon right now by following this presale link. Once on the presale page, you need to have some USDT or ETH in your wallet, connect it, and buy your desired amount of Pikamoon. 

With the potential to surge as high as 4000% upon launch, you should not be found sleeping on Pikamoon. With all this potential, you can see why Pikamoon would give SHIB an absolute run for its money. Don’t be left out!

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