Gala Games partners with Flare Networks and Bitrue to incentivize new gamers

  • Gala Games partners with Flare Networks and Bitrue to allow owners of Spark tokens (FLR) to purchase in-game items.
  • Bitrue will add a new trading pair, GALA/FLR, to the exchange.

Gala Games, the blockchain gaming platform, has finalized a partnership that will introduce interoperability with one of the most valuable blockchain networks, Ripple. Gala provides gamers full ownership of in-game assets in the form of non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, traditionally unheard of in the gaming sector, where power remains in developers’ hands.

Unlike traditional video game systems, these digital items are verifiably scarce and are not tied to a single platform, allowing for inter-game use and easy transferability. Digital asset marketplaces enable gamers to sell their items, creating opportunities for easy monetization and turning their hobby into a profitable pastime.

Since its launch, Gala Games has been primarily working with Ethereum based in-game assets. As the current leader in dApp usage, Ethereum was the natural place to start for Gala, but its team wanted to expand to other networks, with Ripple being their next choice. Ethereum still has many drawbacks, with the most obvious being its bloated transaction fees, which have ballooned in recent months.

Initially, Ripple started out as a platform to enable borderless transactions, but with Flare Networks additions, Ripple now has smart contract operationality. This is a huge step forward for Ripple, as the number of potential use cases for the XRP ledger have multiplied.

Bringing gamers to Ripple

Gala Games will allow owners of Spark token (FLR), the native token of the Flare Networks, to purchase in-game items within the Gala ecosystem directly. This is excellent news for anyone who held XRP on various cryptocurrency exchanges, like Bitrue, on December 12, as was entitled to receive a 1:1 airdrop of FLR tokens for each XRP deposited on the exchange. The airdrop has proven fruitful for claimants, since the IOU market created for FLR assigns the token as having a higher dollar value than XRP. 

With the record-setting sales of two NFTs for Gala Games’ upcoming MMORPG Mirandus, more cryptocurrency users and gamers than are seeking to get involved, with FLR holders well positioned to benefit.

What’s Gala all about?

GALA is the native currency of the Gala Games ecosystem, permitting users to easily monetize their digital assets and interact with games on the platform. The three-way partnership between Gala Games, Flare Networks, and Bitrue will see a new trading pair added to the cryptocurrency exchange in the form of GALA/FLR. Since Bitrue is one of the leading XRP-denominated cryptocurrency exchanges and Flare Networks provides additional utility to the Ripple network, introducing this trading pair will further both ecosystems.

Considering Bitrue processes over $500 million in daily transaction volume, this new trading pair could result in an influx of GALA holders. The FLR airdrop was supported by Bitrue, whose users can take the free cryptocurrency they received just for holding XRP and use it to purchase GALA tokens. As Gala Games continues to innovate in the blockchain gaming sector, expect to see many more partnerships of this nature.

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