“Flip more burgers you lazy f**k,” El Salvador president quips as he posts McDonald’s meme after BTC dip

  • El Salvador’s Nayib Bukele is seeing the humor in the recent Bitcoin dip, posting a meme of himself working at McDonald’s.
  • Bitcoin is recovering and has gained 7.4 percent in the past day to now trade at $36,400 after going through a very bearish two weeks.

While many Bitcoin hodlers lost their heads after the cryptocurrency plunged recently, one of the biggest BTC bulls in the world was seeing the humor in it. Nayib Bukele, the president of El Salvador posted a meme of himself working at McDonald’s, and he has one message – buy more BTC.

Calling Bukele controversial is an understatement. While he is extremely popular in the Bitcoin world, Human Rights Watch says that he has ” undermined basic democratic checks and balances since taking office.” He once described himself as the world’s coolest dictator and has been accused of using military power to subdue his opponents.

However, for all his shortcomings, he’s one of the biggest Bitcoin maximalists in the world. And as BTC dipped to six-month lows, he took time to poke fun at it, posting a meme of himself working at fast-food chain McDonald’s. Crypto fans across the world have been posting similar memes as they speculate on what the dip will make them do, including pushing them back to minimum-wage jobs as their investments collapse.

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Bukele had some advice for making it in the crypto market – buy when the market dips. After all, his country did buy the dip, adding some 410 BTC for $15 million when the price dipped recently.

He tweeted:

Most people go in when the price is up, but the safest and most profitable moment to buy is when the price is down. It’s not rocket science. So invest a piece of your McDonald’s paycheck in Bitcoin. Now go back to flip more burgers you lazy fvçk!

As would be expected, the leader of a sovereign nation making jokes about flipping burgers at McDonald’s didn’t sink in too well with most who failed to see the lighter side of the president’s tweets. Bukele was quick to fire shots at his critics, claiming they turn a blind eye when more atrocious acts are being perpetrated by their presidents.

Bitcoin has recovered after sinking to just above $33,000 on Monday. With an intraday high at $37,247, BTC has a market cap of $688 billion and had a 24-hour trading volume north of $42 billion, a 40 percent rise from a day prior.

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