Finnish start-up relies on IOTA for Smart Village project

  • The Finnish start-up company Heliostorage relies on the IOTA Tangle for the implementation of its geothermal storage solution.
  • Heliostorage technology is already being implemented as part of a Smart Village project in Finland.

According to an article by, Arctic Smart Village Oy, which develops sustainable housing, and Holda Energy Solutions Oy, which develops innovative energy systems, have signed a framework agreement for the design and implementation of an energy system for five Smart Villages in Finland. The first locations are GeoHouse Älykylä in Utajärvi and Mynämäki Älykylä, Finland.

Involved in the implementation is the Finnish tech start-up Heliostorage, which was founded in 2016 and relies on the IOTA Tangle for the implementation of its geothermal storage systems. The idea of Heliostorage is to heat the ground in summer and to recover the heat for heating the building in winter with only one water circulation pump.

The controller developed by Heliostorage plays a key role in the solution. As the start-up describes, they have succeeded in replacing expensive hardware with software. The controller unit performs temperature, flow, energy and power measurements on site and sends the measurements to the cloud where the storage and recovery algorithms are located. The calculations are performed in the cloud and the results are sent back to the controller, which makes the necessary adjustments to the system.

When it comes to security and data transfer, IOTA comes into play, as Heliostorage already explained in November 2019 on Reddit:

We chose IOTA and the tangle to provide the connection because of the high security, reliability and authentication services provided by the IOTA tangle. It also makes it possible for us to minimize the IT inside the controller, which reduces the cost of the controller unit and need for maintenance visits to the site, which in turn further improve the economy of the system.

As Heliostorage commented in a Reddit article published yesterday, the Utajärvi ecovillage project aims to create an energy-autonomous village where surplus energy is used to charge electric vehicles. The role of the start-up is to store the thermal energy. In addition, the Arctic Smart Village will also further develop and test the use of IOTA for micro payments, in addition to data transfer:

In our current solution we use IOTA for the IOT data transfer between our controller and cloud server. In this Utajärvi project we are evaluating to expand the use of IOTA to also cover micro payments for both thermal and photoelectric energy. The project is at LOI stage, so no fixed plans exist yet, just ideas and a concept.

We are a technology start-up in renewable energy who loves IOTA, so we use every possibility to wave the IOTA flag.

The first Smart Villages is intended to lay a foundation for further cooperation with future projects. As the companies involved have stated, the solution can be replicated at other locations. The framework agreement also applies to export markets, as the Älykylä concept has already aroused interest in Europe, Asia and the USA, among others.

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