Experience the Best of Casual Gaming with The Cuze: A Web3-Powered Ecosystem of Diverse Games

  • Walken, a sustainable play-to-earn game, has recently introduced The Cuze, An ecosystem of casual games powered by web3, centered around Walken
  • The Cuze is an ecosystem of casual games built on Web 3.

The emergence of blockchain technology has been instrumental in cultivating novel and often unforeseeable markets and economies fueled by an appetite for innovation. From groundbreaking crowdfunding mechanisms to novel play-to-earn (P2E) and move-to-earn (M2E) models, decentralized technology is enabling communities in unprecedented ways.

Walken, a sustainable play-to-earn game, has recently introduced The Cuze, An ecosystem of casual games powered by web3, centered around Walken. The CuZe has the potential to overcome the shortcomings of traditional hybrid-casual gaming and enhance asset and progress utility to previously unseen levels. Additionally, the platform has successfully registered over 3.5 million players. A robust community has been established whose steadfast support and confidence have been the primary catalyst behind the platform’s ongoing development.

The company has shared that they have conducted an extensive investigation into the potential of web3-powered casual gaming to determine its ability to deliver a pleasurable and gratifying experience and its potential to become the future of web3 gaming.

Casual games are quick and simple ways to relieve stress, but their monotonous gameplay might drive players to look for new experiences. By introducing more game developers from web2 to web3 and expanding the horizons of gamers, The Cuze hopes to break this destructive loop in a big and long-lasting way. With the help of this strategy, artists and users will be empowered to profit from web3’s financial opportunities.

The Cuze and Its Vision: Revolutionizing the Gaming Industry with Web3 Technology

The Cuze is an ecosystem of casual games built on Web 3, focusing on Walken Runner, the first ecosystem game they released. Moreover, it unites many hybrid-casual games that have their soft currencies as well as a common NFT and progress utility. 

The ecosystem also has a governance and utility token called $WLKN. Additionally, they allow players to monetize their gaming abilities, providing gamers with various exquisitely designed and unique gaming experiences in one location.

The Cuze is a gaming infrastructure for developers to build the Walken-centric ecosystem. It offers guidance, best practices, and support for web3 interaction, in-game balance, and tokenomics. Talented teams will be able to launch other games and contribute to a viable web3 gaming ecosystem, which will expand the community and ecosystem while broadening player experiences.

To a large extent, the assets’ liquidity will be derived from the treasury created by the users’ actual activity, which includes advertisement views, from which a portion of the income will be divided among players as rewards.

The company has announced that it is working on a new game with entirely novel gameplay that presents a new task to our community. Players are advised to follow Walken on social media to remain up to date on all of the action and learn about the latest game developments.


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