Ethereum: Vitalik Buterin mocks self-proclaimed Bitcoin inventor and ‘trolls’

  • The inventor of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, has published a provocative message against the self-appointed creator of Bitcoin, Craig Wright.
  • Otherwise, Buterin reacted to a number of “trolls” who mocked the release of Ethereum 2.0, pointing out the big steps towards the market launch.

The inventor of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, has published a series of messages via his Twitter account that have caused controversy in the crypto community. In a tweet that was probably intended to provoke and mock the self-appointed inventor of Bitcoin, Craig Wright, Buterin criticized Wright’s actions. Wright sued Vitalik Buterin, among other crypto-space personalities such as Blockstream co-founder Adam Back, for libel. Both lawsuits were recently dropped. Moreover, Buterin criticized Wright for his blockchain patent applications and said:

If you’re bragging about how many “blockchain patents” your country/company/organization has, you don’t understand blockchains

Wright has applied to receive over 6.000 patents related to the blockchain industry. At the moment, Wright only owns about 100 patents, but if he gets a percentage of the patents applied for, he could try to go against some companies that use this technology. The patent application is part of Wright’s plan to take over an asset that he claims to own: Bitcoin. Wright has said he will try to stop forks, “altcoin scams” and, it seems, anyone who opposes him.

Vitalik Buterin’s tweet caused varied responses from the community. However, the response from one of Bitcoin SV’s advocates and personal friend of Craig Wright, Calvin Ayre, stands out. The founder of the Ayre Group defended Wright and accused the co-creator of the Ethereum of not understanding blockchain technology:

You can not even copy Craig correctly. You tech has been used for more scams in the ICO shitecoin storm than the world has ever seen. History will not be kind. Patents on the other hand are a real thing.

Buterin against the critics of Ethereum 2.0

Recently, however, Buterin has not only messed with the Bitcoin SV community and Wright, but also with the critics of Ethereum. The user WhiteRabbit accused Buterin of being a fraud and of not meeting the Ethereum 2.0 deadlines:

(…) if you keep saying you’re going to release a feature/product and make false promises (ETH will scale, PoS is better, 2.0 will fix everything, etc) you are a scammer.

WhiteRabbit added that Ethereum 2.0 is insignificant. The user said he will “shut up” when Ethereum meets all expectations. Another user said people “completely forgot” about Ethereum. Buterin was quick to respond to what he called “trolls” who are backing out of their claim that Ethereum 2.0 is unviable. The co-creator of the Ethereum took the opportunity to congratulate the Prysmatic Labs team for the launch of the “Topaz” testnet. An important achievement for the launch of phase 0, Topaz was activated on April 15th of this year, the testnet reached about 20,000 validators in 5 days.

Buterin also said that the development of Ethereum is making great strides, just as the price, application improvements. Furthermore, he pointed out that the daily gas consumption is approaching an all-time high, as can be seen in the graph below.


Ethereum ETH


The co-creator of Ethereum also congratulated a number of projects that, in his view, are contributing to the visualization and understanding of the Ethereum network. One of the projects that Buterin congratulated, was the Beacon Chain Explorer, which presents statistics and graphs about the networks progress. As can be seen in the following graph, Topaz has reached 21.994 validators, at the time of publication, with 703.552 ETH being staked.

Ethereum ETH


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