Ethereum 2.0 vs. TRON 4.0 poll: Did Justin Sun bought votes to win?

  • TRON CEO Justin Sun has conducted a poll to measure which of the upcoming updates is more popular, Ethereum 2.0 or TRON 4.0.
  • Analyst Josh Rager is accusing Sun of buying more than 30,000 votes just before the end of the poll to favor TRON. 

TRON CEO Justin Sun announced a new update for the platform a few days ago. Sun has promoted the upgrade, known as “TRON 4.0”, as a direct competitor to its rival, Ethereum 2.0 and conducted a poll to vote on the popularity of upgrades. The arena for the TRON and Ethereum rivalry, usually led by Sun, was the social network Twitter.

Announced on May 22nd, the TRON 4.0 update is expected to bring improvements in privacy, blockchain interoperability, scalability and general application enhancements, according to Sun. However, Sun has not disclosed any specific technical details about the update or a release date. Perhaps because of that, some users have expressed that Sun may have made the announcement only to draw new attention to his project and benefit from the attention for Ethereum 2.0.

Which one is better: Ethereum 2.0 or TRON 4.0?

In a poll published on 23 May, Sun asked the Twitter community which of the two projects is better. The poll received 102,000 votes, 1.2,000 likes and 729 retweets. Of the total votes, TRON 4.0 obtained 51.9%, the remaining 48.1% went to Ethereum 2.0. After the poll was completed, TRON’s CEO tagged the inventor of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, to “inform” him about the result.

However, as noted by several members of the crypto community, the survey may have been subject to manipulation. Colin Talks Crypto’s host claimed that TRON’s CEO bought votes to win the poll. Apparently, a few hours before its completion Ethereum 2.0 had 70% of the votes:

It looks like Justin Sun bought Twitter votes to sway the poll. Last night this poll had 20,000 votes with ETH 70%; TRON 30%. 8 hours later, with 40,000 total votes, TRON is now 60% and ETH is only 40%?? How did the sentiment reverse literally overnight?

Renowned analyst Josh Rager also accused Sun of manipulating the survey. Rager wrote:

There is – 20,000 Votes – ETH winning over 72% to 28% – not even close All of a sudden, in a small amount of time there are 50,000 votes with all of them going to Tron to make Tron lead by a substantial amount Yeah – totally believable – the proof is in the logic and math.

However, one TRON supporter said both sides could be accused of trying to manipulate the vote, although the Ethereum community and Vitalik Buterin did not give the survey the same attention as the TRON community and Justin Sun.

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