EDAG presents IOTA-based Citybot AI-Prototype in live lab

  • IOTA partner EDAG yesterday presented the enhanced prototype “Citybot AI-Prototype”.
  • During the presentation, EDAG again emphasized that IOTA is of enormous importance for data communication and as a means of payment.

At the end of last year,IOTA entered into a cooperation with the German company EDAG. Within the scope of the partnership, various use cases such as the control of an autonomously driving vehicle at airports within the framework of the Citybot concept, but also the automatic payment at parking garages using intelligent IoT sensors, the so-called Smart Parking, were realized.

EDAG presents Citybot AI-Prototype

Yesterday, EDAG presented a further development of the Citybot at the EDAG Tech Summit 2020 in Fulda, which demonstrates the various applications in a real laboratory. The EDAG City Bot is the first drivable and operational AI prototype of the autonomous vehicle shown in summer. There is also a wealth of other content on EDAG CityBot mobility concepts in the form of white papers, expert talks and webinars.

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Source: Source: https://blog.iota.org/edag-citybot-and-iota-the-future-of-mobility-1a95984351c2

The event can be visited live on site, or via livestream. Further information can be found here. The EDAG Citybot is an independently driving vehicle that moves in a climate-friendly manner thanks to a fuel cell drive, and was designed for use in smart cities. The Citybot never stands still and works 24/7 to keep the city clean. Thanks to various so-called “Hero Modules”, the CityBoty can, for example, deliver parcels, remove garbage, transport sand and perform many other tasks.

Various services can be handled via the IOTA Industry Marketplace, such as trading goods or the automatic purchase of goods that need to be refilled within the Smart Ciy. Within the CityBots concept, IOTA serves as data transfer and payment protocol. By using the IOTA Tangle, the CityBots can communicate, trade and handle services such as payment at gas stations or for parking tickets completely autonomously. In EDAG’s latest video, the company explains

IOTA still provides for a simple payment and billing system for services, [which is]of enormous importance for customer acceptance.

The biggest advantage of IOTA over other cryptocurrencies is that it provides toll-free transactions in near real-time. The transactions can transfer not only monetary value, but also data. Therefore, the IOTA tangle is perfectly suited for the development of a Smart City, as important information has to be exchanged in various processes. IOTA summarizes the use cases as follows:

  • Machine to machine and machine to infrastructure payments,
  • secure data communication,
  • seamless identity management,
  • transparent data marketplaces like the IOTA Data Marketplace and
  • Marketplaces for services and data, such as the IOTA-enabled Industry Marketplace

You can watch the complete video or presentation of the CityBot here

IOTA adaptation in industry continues to grow

Tech giants like Bosch have already filed an IOTA-based patent for a payment service in 2018. In addition, Volkswagen and IOTA have also announced that they will launch the first blockchain-enabled car as part of the Digital CarPass. IOTA is working with Jaguar to develop a SmartWallet that automatically pays the bill at gas stations or parking garages.

Another important project is the development of a global blockchain standard for EV Grid integration. In doing so, various mobility concepts are to be implemented. For example, an identification system for cars based on the block chain, which could be used at toll stations worldwide.

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