Simply earn Bitcoin at Donnerlabs online gaming platform

  • On the online gaming platform Donnerlabs players can earn Satoshi for shooting other players.
  • Donnerlabs relies on the Lightning network to process transactions in real time.

The adaptation of Bitcoin contributes significantly to its distribution and a well-founded confidence building. Bitcoin can already be used for payment in some areas of public life. However, current Bitcoin experiences show that it is difficult to live completely without cash.

Especially in the tech and gaming industry, Bitcoin is increasingly finding new applications, e.g. as an in-game currency. In a new multiplayer game, users can earn Satoshi by shooting other players.

Donnerlabs relies on Bitcoin as in-game currency

Yesterday Donnerlab announced via its Twitter channel that they will launch a new project called “Bitcoin Bounty Hunt” where satoshis can be earned for killing other players. The project relies on the Bitcoin Lightning network to process transactions quickly and securely between players.

The game uses the integrated Neutrino Bitcoin wallet on which the credit can be stored and managed. It also has an advertising space that companies can book to present their services. The game is mainly monetized by this.  However, the main incentive of the game is to kill other players and get a reward in Satoshis.

Each Bitcoin corresponds to 100 million Satoshis, so a Satoshi is the smallest Bitcoin unit that can currently be recorded on the blockchain. 1 Satoshi is approximately 0.000000000001 BTC. Donnerlabs hasn’t yet made a precise statement about how much Satoshi can really be earned in the game.

The Lightning network is already being used by several other gaming companies such as Lightnight. Players can earn Satoshi for completing missions and also buy tools and weapons for Satoshi within the game.

The balances on the wallet are updated in real time, just like on Donnerlabs, because the Lightning network allows payments in almost real time. The development of the Lightning network is a high priority and is being strongly promoted worldwide.

Lightning network grows to more than 10,000 active nodes

The Lightning protocol is a way to scale the Bitcoin blockchain. So-called payment channels are opened within the network in which transactions can be sent. The blockchain is not loaded because all transactions are collected off-chain and then processed.

The latest data from shows that the Lightning network has 10,515 active nodes with a capacity of 832 Bitcoin at the time of writing. The number of nodes has increased by more than 2.76% within the last 30 days and is showing a clear expansion course.

However, the Lightning network can also be used by other cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin or Stellar Lumens. This technology is therefore not limited to a specific crypto currency, but can be adapted and used by many developers.

Bitcoin’s price continues to show a downward movement within the last 24 hours and is at 8,118.51 USD at the time of writing.

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