Dsdaq launched a multilingual version with 300+ assets and lower minimum position size

Dsdaq, the world’s first crypto collateral trading platform, recently released its multilingual version app. Global traders now can trade 300+ assets with up to 100x leverage and reduced a minimum position.

Upgraded Multilingual Mobile App Providing Traders Localized Service

Dsdaq launched its first English version app in January 2020, and now is operational in 150+ countries and regions.

To help more international traders, Dsdaq has been upgraded to support five languages: English, Korean, Indonesian, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. The default language is consistent with the device language of the trader and can be personalized according to trader’s preference.

Traders can easily switch to their native language on both Android and IOS apps. Dsdaq also has a multi-language support team to provide better service for non-English spoken traders.

Added 200+ New Assets for Traders to Explore

Such As:

  • Tesla
  • ZOOM
  • Salesforce
  • Twilio
  • Walt Disney
  • China 50 Futures
  • SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust
  • Powershares QQQ ETF

The spokesperson of Dsdaq Edison says, “for traders who cannot access global markets freely, Dsdaq is a gateway towards financial democratization. Our final goal is to have at least 1000 assets for traders to explore.”

Reduced Minimum Position Size in Oil and Gold

Dsdaq has reduced the minimum position size across oil and gold. Now users can trade with minimum 1 barrel and 1 Oz gold.

In the previous version, the minimum trade size for Brent oil was 100 barrels. However, after this update Dsdaq allows traders to open positions at as low as 1 barrel, lowering the entry requirement to approximately $1.2.

The spokesperson of Dsdaq Edison says, “the latest version allows traders with a small amount of investing funds to more easily access markets they could not get before. It removes language barriers, as a part of our mission to make investment easier for global traders. We plan to add more languages in the future.”

About Dsdaq

Dsdaq is a pioneer global trading platform backed by world-class investors, board members and advisors. The founding team of Dsdaq consists of best-of-class professionals in finance engineering, risk control, software development, cybersecurity and high-frequency algorithmic trading.

Dsdaq app is world’s first trading app that allows users to use their bitcoins to trade 300+ popular conventional financial assets such as stocks, indices, commodities, ETF, futures, and forex, with leverages from 10X to 100X technology.

Dsdaq is always committed to empower the new generation investors to take greater ownership in their financial future, with lower cost, higher efficiency and better experience.

Contact Details

Leah Li

Email- pr@dsdaq.com

Website: https://www.dsdaq.com/

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