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  • Centyfy is a Web 3.0 crypto social network exclusively monetized on the Stellar blockchain based stable value CENTY crypto token. 1 CENTY = .01 USD.

How is Centyfy different?

We return 75% of revenues to our users, who can monetize their liking, sharing, viewing of ads or promotions and receive CENTY PERKS, rewards offered by the participating businesses. Our users can also monetize all their content and receive CENTY TIPS, rewards for the quality of their posts from all other users. We offer a free and secure desktop/mobile CENTY (Stellar) wallet and free messaging/voice/video chat service to all users.

Centyfy runs on CENTY token, which was conceived by us as a “multipurpose” stable crypto token: it can be used as fiat anchor; it can be traded for any crypto/fiat assets; it can be used for remittance services anywhere; it can be used as payments/rewards (as on Centyfy) or just simply as storage of fiat value. CENTY transactions are 100% secure and virtually instant.

We value your privacy, and we’ll never, ever share or sell your data! At Centyfy, we don’t want to reinvent the wheel, but to improve it. We firmly believe that an ideal social network should first and foremost serve and enrich  the content creators-the users, not solely the owners, as unfortunately is the case nowadays with most of the established social networks.

We are up and running (in beta) and we invite everybody to give us a try! We offer a FREE CENTY wallet (Stellar wallet) to all users and FREE 120 CENTY tokens to the first 500 users.

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