Die Hard Litecoin (LTC) Investors Are Rushing to Buy This Hot Memecoin in Presale

Anarchy (ANA) has been creating mayhem in the crypto-verse since its presale announcement. Its latest victims are the top performers in the cryptocurrency market, especially Litecoin (LTC).

Litecoin’s halving event is scheduled to hold sometime in August, about 20 days away, but its investors are not minding that. They are all on Anarchy’s (ANA) train, buying heavily into the presale despite whispers of a bullish run on Litecoin (LTC).

Why are the investors leaving Litecoin (LTC)? What’s Anarchy’s (ANA) deal? Answers to all that and more in a bit.

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Litecoin (LTC): Investors Jumping Ship Despite Incoming Halving Event

Litecoin’s (LTC) introduction came as a protocol fork on Bitcoin in 2011. It has since been in Bitcoin’s shadow, offering little utility while maintaining a steady presence in the DeFi space. Its token has been unremarkable in recent years, and it looked to continue in 2023 but for EDX’s listing in June. 

The EDX market listed Litecoin (LTC) as one of its trading coins, and the LTC got a boost past its $90 resistance up to $111. It’s been experiencing a coin pullback lately, which some Litecoin investors hope will be overturned by the bullish trends before the halving. 

Binance has delisted Litecoin (LTC), according to Crypto News Flash and some other advanced USD token pairs, and Litecoin might feel the bearish effects of the delisting in the next few days. It’s not a surprise that even diehard Litecoin (LTC) investors have swapped tokens for the more profitable Anarchy (ANA). Since experts are backing the rookie meme coin to return 100X gains this year, many users across the crypto market are storming its presale for their share of the profits. 

Let’s get down to Anarchy’s (ANA)!

Anarchy’s (ANA) Presale Is Unsettling the Meme Market

You wanted to know Anarchy’s (ANA) deal, and you have seen it. Anarchy’s looks set to be the next big memecoin, judging by its successful ongoing presale. More and more investors have continued to ditch other meme coins to jump on the Anarchy movement, with the latest being a group of Litecoin (LTC) faithfuls who believe Anarchy’s got something rare and a potential for huge returns. 

It only gets more fun from here. 

Anarchy (ANA) is here to change the system and, to the meme token, that involves criticizing the government and its corrupt policies. And forget the hashtag and protest methods–Anarchy (ANA) uses memes to call out corruption in the system. The memes double as entertainment for crypto traders and investors while provoking change throughout the crypto-verse.

Here’s more from Anarchy’s (ANA) whitepaper.

  • Projects and Utility

A meme coin with utility would’ve been a crypto paradox, but trust Anarchy (ANA) to pull it off. The token is expected to attain an extensive reach in a short while, after which investors will troop to the network to build and trend their various projects and DApps. The Anarchy (ANA) platform benefits in the long run, as such projects add utility to its protocol.

  • DAO Treasury

Anarchy (ANA) will not leave projects alone to the investors. Its DAO will be actively involved in approving projects for the token’s development, and such projects will be funded by the DAO treasury. The treasury gets 4.5% of every sale and transfers transactions on the network, which goes into managing and maintaining the Anarchy (ANA) project and DAO. 

Anarchy’s (ANA) DAO is secured to the Gnosis Safe protocol, which requires multiple signatures to access the funds. This restricts access to the DAO’s funds and prevents hacker interference.

  • Token Burns

Anarchy’s protocol will burn 0.5% of every transaction to reduce the vast $ANA token supply. Token burning is becoming a popular feature in the meme coin sector, as many meme tokens burn their tokens in large quantities to increase the token’s value and preserve it. Anarchy (ANA) is taking care of that from the start, ensuring that the token remains relevant for extended periods.

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Anarchy’s Presale: ANA Tokens To Boost Your Crypto Profile!

Did you miss out on PEPE earlier in the year? Anarchy’s (ANA) here to bail you out and set you on track for financial success. 

$ANA is hot in demand and even Litecoin (LTC) investors aren’t sleeping on it. Hop on the presale site now and get your $ANA tokens today. 

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