Decentralized freelance marketplace CryptoTask announces migration to Tezos

  • CryptoTask has announced that it would be moving to Tezos to enable the marketplace add more features to serve its increasing users. 
  • Network activity on Tezos has increased 1,200 percent since the beginning of the year. 

Top decentralized freelance marketplace CryptoTask has announced that it would be migrating to the secure open-source platform Tezos blockchain. According to the 7th of July announcement, CryptoTask transiting to Tezos is to scale its decentralized marketplace for the future of work. 

Since its inception in 2018, CryptoTask has grown to be one of the fastest-developing decentralized freelance marketplaces. The leading marketplace boasts of more than 35,0000 users, which keep increasing with about 100 more signing up on a daily basis. Also, more than 100 transactions are completed every 24 hours on CryptoTask, and it is well known for advertising high-quality jobs.  

CryptoTask moves to Tezos

The Tezos blockchain appears to be a perfect one for the CryptoTask Platform as it is highly secure and upgradable. As CryptoTask builds its marketplace on Tezos, the decentralized marketplace will add more features to serve its users. One of the features that the CryptoTask team will be able to integrate with the migration to Tezos is automated instant payout settlement. Also, CryptoTask will advance its feature with peer-to-peer job matching, fiat on-ramps, and opening accessible digital wallets. 

CryptoTask expressed its satisfaction with the new development. While commenting on the migration to Tezos, CryptoTask co-founder Ivan Nanut said:

“It’s a memorable day that we have been waiting for months now. CryptoTask on Tezos will disrupt freelancing as we know it. The platform and our users will hugely benefit from the Tezos blockchain through low gas fees, smarter smart contracts, and low energy consumption. We can’t wait for our users to see and feel the change Tezos is bringing to our freelance marketplace.”

Demand for freelance marketplaces has surged since the beginning of the unprecedented global health crisis – the coronavirus pandemic. Employers tend to seek experienced freelancers as the pandemic persists. However, most marketplaces have not been growing as much despite the increased demand. The cause of the slow progress revolves around cost, reliability, and transparency. 

On the other hand, CryptoTask services companies and specialists across different fields in several regions and continents. The decentralized marketplace has a transparent escrow payment system and charges 0 percent fees from users. 

Tezos Grows 1,200% in 2021

At the same time, Tezos is also one of the first and ever-growing proof-of stake blockchains in the market. The blockchain has attracted a lot of clients and continuously sees expansion. Since the beginning of the year, network activity on Tezos has climbed 1,200 percent. Tezos significant growth can be tied to its energy-efficient design and user-friendly element. 

The Tezos team is constantly exploring ways to satisfy the demand of blockchain users. As part of the movement to answer clients’ requests, Tezos has verified and tested smart contracts that can attend to the complexities builders demand. Already, Tezos has undergone six network upgrades to solve some general challenges in the space, such as reducing gas fees and improving token standards. In addition, Tezos has upgraded its network to scale transactions speed. 


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