DAO Maker (DYCO) gets listed on KuCoin and Gate

The famous crypto incubator that has helped facilitate many quality projects token offering and the brain behind the popular Strong Hold Offering (SHO) and Dynamic Coin Offering  (DYCO) token sales models. Begins its token offering, exclusive to the top-ranking members of its social mining platform. And set to reward its loyal participants, the team has set out a list of tiers and criteria for its public sale of the $DAO token after the conclusion of its successful round of private sales.

3 years incoming

The British incubator behind the famous token sales offering is responsible for the token sales of top quality projects in the blockchain, e.g., Orion protocol, Seascape network, and LTO network. Its success in the recent SHO token offering of the Seascape network got high-valued clients and projects like Binance, Matic, and LDcapital. Offering grants and taking part in the private sale round, and having been around the blockchain for three years, have engaged in helping projects onboard quality members and top-quality projects needing such services. They help facilitate a Risk-free token sales round where users are guaranteed their profits or the return of their funds if participating projects do not meet certain conditions after launch.

Due to this strict policy type, the project has gathered many loyal participants in its token offerings and social mining activities. They are about to launch out their tokens for the public in a unique and rewarding approach.

Reward-based token offering

DAO Maker announces that they will conclude their token sales in the form of workdrop exclusive to the top 100 rankings of their social mining community in its official medium post. This activity will be carried out at a tier level as the topmost of the scale gets a lot more benefits than the lower tiers. However, each participant receives rewarded or allocated a certain number of $DAO tokens during token sales and workdrop.

The DAO Maker wishes to express their appreciation and gratitude to the loyal community members, many of whom had stuck through it all with the project from the start, contributing their faith and substantial support for the past three years, especially during the last three months. The public sales will be launched to reward the best community member with the unique opportunity to get DAO Maker token allocation and workdrop before the asset’s secondary listings. Only the top 100 members are enabled to participate, and they must pass the KYC as a requirement before taking part in the activities.

The exclusive option of token allocation

Only 7 of the top 100 top-ranking pool members will be allocated tokens for purchase, a type of hedge against the tokens’ massive circulation after secondary listings. The scarcity of the token made significant by public sales allocation will boost the token value over the short term. The restricted token allocation selection will only pick seven strong hand-holders. The top 7 will be the only users with the allocation opportunity. All other users in other tiers would only get the $DAO token airdrop, 10,000 & 5,000, depending mainly on their position.

Tier level allocation and workdrop

DAO Maker splits the tier level into the following;

  • Top 1-3 users will get 30,000 $DAO of token purchase allocation with 10,000 $DAO airdrop.
  • Top 4-7 users will get purchase option up to 10,000 $DAO and 10,000 $DAO airdrop.
  • Top 8-49 users will each receive 10,000 $DAO tokens airdrop.
  • Top 50-100 users will receive 5,000 $DAO tokens airdrop.

KYC requirement deadline

All users who are graded among the top 100 must pass their KYC conditions to participate in the allocation and airdrop events and are required to do so before 9th February 0:00 UTC to enable the proper scheduling of the main events. As no further KYC submitted will be qualified after the deadline.

About DAO Maker social mining platform

Social Mining is DAO Maker’s flagship offering for public blockchain companies. The platform allows any blockchain-based project to set token-denominated incentives for community members who offer value to the ecosystem by engaging in social activities; token holders. However, the decision on rewards and incentives is taken by project owners. Adding an extra layer of the project’s use case in the social mining event as users get rewarded for their social activities.

DAO new listings

Among the first of many exchanges lined up to list the DAO maker native tokens, $DAO will be Kucoin and Gate. $DAO will be making its first listing on Kucoin on Tuesday, February 9th, Fronting a DAO/USDT pair, then simultaneously, the same listing will also happen on Gate exchange with both BTC and USDT pairs. These new listings come early following the success of its DYCO 2.0 private sales round of the $DAO tokens. 

Deposits and trading schedule: 09:00 on February 9th, 2021 (UTC)

Withdrawal: 13:00 on February 9, 2021 (UTC)

Smart contract address: 0x0f51bb10119727a7e5ea3538074fb341f56b09ad

DYCO toll bridge

Additionally, the DYCO will integrate a toll bridge allowing token buyers who seek an early exit of their investment to burn a portion of their tokens to skip the vesting schedule. The toll bridge gives the buyer the option to unlock all or part of their tokens if they choose, which comes with a toll fee paid as a portion of their vested tokens, that will be burnt. Users have the option to remain faithful to their vesting schedule and get rewarded 20% of their total holdings every quarter. However, they can unlock their tokens early in exchange for burning a portion of their holdings.

DAO Maker token sale key metrics:

Token Sale Framework: DYCO

Dynamic Supply: 234M (max refund) to 312M

Dynamic hard cap: 2.73M – 7.8M

Dynamic Valuation: $10.92M – $31.2M

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