Stellar price, charts, marketcap and other stats

$ 0.114745
0.00000500 BTC
$ 2,906,294,371
Volume (24h)
$ 161,116,752
Circulating Supply
25,328,348,416 XLM
Total Supply
50,001,806,812 XLM

What is Stellar?

In 2014, Jed McCaleb, founder of Mt. Gox, co-founder of Ripple, launched the network system Stellar with former lawyer Joyce Kim. Stellar, or Stellar Lumens, is an open source, decentralized protocol for digital currency to fiat money low-cost transfers which allows cross-border transactions between any pair of currencies. A total of 100 billion XLM were issued when the Stellar network launched in 2015 — but things have changed since the release date. At present, the total supply stands at 50 billion XLM, and the circulating supply is currently 20.7 billion. 1 XLM in Dollar is worth $0.2665 as of July, 2021.
Servers run a software implementation of the protocol, and use the Internet to connect to and communicate with other Stellar servers. Each server stores a ledger of all the accounts in the network. 3 nodes are operated by the Stellar Development Foundation, in conjunction with 21 other organizations, providing for a total of 66 validator nodes. Transactions among accounts occur not through mining but rather through a consensus process among accounts in quorum slice.[31] The current network fee is 100 stroops, equivalent to 0.00001 XLM or 1/10,000th of a cent.
Stellar cryptocurrency refers to a digital or virtual currency developed by Stellar Development Foundation. The organization's currency, which is called the lumen, is traded under the symbol XLM on various cryptocurrency exchanges. 1 Lumens can be used by traders on the Stellar network, which is a blockchain-based distributed ledger network that connects banks, payments systems, and people to facilitate low-cost, cross-asset transfers of value, including payments. Additionally, Stellar can connect regular banks to a payment system that anyone can use to move money across borders, quickly and at virtually no cost.
Few blockchain projects have managed to secure partnerships with big-brand technology companies and fintech firms. A few years ago, Stellar and IBM teamed up to launch World Wire, a project that allowed large financial institutions to submit transactions to the Stellar network and transact using bridge assets such as stablecoins.
Finally, Lumens to take advantage of the speedy transaction times and low fees. The cost of moving money on the Stellar network is kept low to allow lots of people to use the network. In terms of scale, in tests, with a network containing 1 billion accounts it can process 1,000 transactions per second. For comparison, Ethereum can handle up to 25 and Bitcoin just 7 transactions. Lumens (XLM) can be bought on the following crypto exchanges including Binance, Coinbase, Bitfinex, Kraken, Huobi, Bittrex, and Upbit.



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