Cryptograph launches art by Alec Monopoly, Alotta Money and Adrien Brody, following auctions by Retna and Gregory Siff

  • Cryptograph auctions works of art brought to the Ethereum blockchain by leading crypto personalities, famous actors and artists.
  • Pictures auctioned by Paris Hilton and Ashton Kutcher have raised thousands of dollars for charity at ETH.
  • Auctions for Alec Monopoly and Alotta Money are live now.

The fact that blockchain and art go together is being proven by the start-up Cryptograph. Currently, the crypto community continues to revolutionize the art world with the recently launched digital auction house for collectibles, which started on July 6, 2020. This has established Cryptograph ( as the market leader in blockchain-based digital collectibles, also known as NFTs (non-fungible tokens), offering digital art and memorabilia from renowned crypto personalities, tech entrepreneurs, actors and icons, and now visual artists representing a wide range of artistic styles, from contemporary art to pop art and street art.

To this end, Cryptograph proposes a new and unique model for “crypto collectibles” with a sustainable philanthropic business model that underpins the entire platform, which has already produced unique artworks by leading crypto experts such as Vitalik Buterin. Recently, a “work of art” that Hollywood star Ashton Kutcher scribbled and then destroyed after digitalization using a non-fungible token (NFT) attracted particular attention.

After digitization, Kutcher set the original on fire, with Cryptograph describing the burning as a transition from the “temporary physical world to the immortal digital world. The auction collected as many as 20 ETH, while an artwork by Paris Hilton was sold for 40 ETH. The funds went to the non-profit conservation organizations Global Wildlife Conservation and Oxygen Seven.

Thus, through Cryptopgraph’s auction platform, collectors will have the opportunity to bid for original digital artworks from the most famous names and leaders in the world of cryptographic currencies, technology, celebrities, and now the art world. The platform describes its offer as follows:

Cryptographs are one-of-a-kind digital collectibles created by world renowned icons and artists that perpetually support charitable causes. Each Cryptograph is sold at auction and then traded by collectors on the platform’s secondary market, raising money for charity every time they are transacted. These digital artworks are unlike anything else currently offered on the blockchain, and they will be auctioned off and traded using Cryptographs unique auction system that incentivizes participation.

By using smart contract technology that processes and automates all transactions in a secure and transparent environment, Cryptograph ensures that its charity and inventor partners always receive a share of the perpetual revenue, not only from the first auction sale, but also from every single bid and every subsequent sale that takes place on the secondary market.

In addition, the model ensures that the interests of all parties involved in the Cryptograph ecosystem are forever aligned and that incentives are continually created to provide long-term value to the community of Cryptograph collectors. The new artworks by the visual artists offer Cryptograph collectors a completely new proposition.

Currently, pieces by Alec Monopoly and Alotta Money can be purchased at auction. The most recent auctions also included Retna and Gregory Siff. These top artists have created digital collectibles that are available exclusively at The enduring, digital drawings are virtually “a new canvas, a virtual gallery for top artists,” as Cryptograph states. Actor and artist Adrien Brody launched today.

Adrien Brody

Photo credit – Courtesy of Cryptograph

All auctions benefit respective charities such as Global Wildlife Conservation, Covid-19 Relief, Oxygen Seven, Meals on Wheels and others. The complete auction block, closed and open, can be viewed at

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