Craig Wright goes to war on Bitcoin – Tulip Trust update

  • Bitcoin SV developer Craig Wright plans to receive more than 6000 patents related to the blockchain industry. Wright attempts to control future Bitcoin forks and other altcoins.
  • Wright also intends to obtain the copyright for the Bitcoin Whitepaper, written by Satoshi Nakamoto.
  • In the legal case Wright v. Kleiman, thousands of documents will be under Wright’s legal privilege. The case could be extended.

The developer of Bitcoin SV and self-proclaimed inventor of Bitcoin, Craig Wright, revealed a secret plan that could have negative repercussions on the entire blockchain industry. According to an interview, Wright applied for about 6,000 patents related to the blockchain industry. For now, Wright has about 100 patents, but in the future he could win others and try to take on some companies that use this technology without his permission.

Wright’s movement has one goal, to take control of what he thinks belongs to him: Bitcoin. At least, over the forks that could arise later. Wright says:

Basically it came down to if I want to actually … try and stop all the splits, forks and altcoin scams that are popping up pretending to be blockchains, then the only way I could really think to do it was to start patenting.

Implications for the blockchain industry and the Bitcoin Core team

Craigh Wright said those companies he doesn’t try to stop will be charged money. About Bitcoin, which Wright refers to as BTC because he considers it a “broken” version, he said people will come to realize its futility. When asked if he would go after the Bitcoin Core team, Wright replied:

For some things I might, but not for everything.

The patents that the developer of Bitcoin SV claims to have, extend over important areas of the blockchain industry and are necessary for the operation of solutions such as the Bitcoin Lightning Network. Wright also claims to have patents on “the technology that makes Bitcoin work”.

His legal strategies against Bitcoin also include obtaining the copyright on the Bitcoin whitepaper, published under the name Satoshi Nakamoto. Wright, however, claims that the document was never published in legal terms in 2009 until now. The reason for the delay in legal publication, Wright said, was his discomfort with revealing the identity behind the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. Wright said he was “forced” to make this disclosure in his legal disputes with Kleiman and others.

The keys to the Tulip Trust will be brought by a lawyer

In the cryptocommunity, Wright is known to be no stranger to courts or lawsuits. In a new development in his case against the family of his former partner Dave Kleiman, a document shows that Wright revealed that the famous courier who was supposed to deliver the keys to the Tulip Trust is in fact a lawyer.

Communications between Wright and this courier/attorney fall, therefore, under attorney/client privilege and cannot be disclosed. In addition, the same privilege may be applied to more than 10,000 legal documents that the court has requested to prove some claims made by Wright in the course of the case. It is expected to be a lengthy process, but it will be up to the legal body to determine how much and whether they will continue to allow Wright’s strategies that have been proven to be dishonest. In the document presented, the following statement from the court can be read:

(Craig Wright is) An adversary who submits false declarations, offers contradictory perjurious testimony under oath, and submits false documents that even his own counsel are forced to disavow.

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