Cosmos Price Prediction: ATOM Surges 13% in 1 week; Can QUBE & ATOM Be September’s Top Earners?

In the fast -paced world of cryptocurrencies, sudden price surges and game-changing announcements often steal the limelight. As Cosmos (ATOM) marks a remarkable 13% growth in a week, whispers are making rounds about its promising future. However, in another corner of the crypto universe, InQubeta’s QUBE token stands poised as one of the best cryptos to buy now. Can they outshine other top altcoins in September? Let’s figure it out.

InQubeta ($QUBE): Eliminating the Barriers to AI Investment

Before we immerse ourselves in the captivating story of ATOM’s recent surge, it’s essential to shed light on a brand new ICO: InQubeta. The crowdfunding platform, powered by QUBE, brings forth a new era of investing in AI startups, where the gates are open for investors of all sizes.

At the heart of InQubeta lies the belief in democratizing access to lucrative AI startups, traditionally reserved for Silicon Valley elites. The QUBE token, apart from being an embodiment of this vision, brings an innovative twist to the crypto-investment scene. From offering fractional investments in AI startups to rewarding holders with staking benefits, QUBE is carving its unique trajectory in the crypto realm.

With the recent milestones achieved in its presale and the platform’s ambitious roadmap, which includes a multi-chain approach, QUBE is strongly positioned to claim a sizable stake in September’s top earners’ race. With the presale price increasing at a steady pace, it might turn out to be the best crypto investment this month.

ATOM: Decoding the Sudden Spike

Turning our attention back to Cosmos and its native token, ATOM, the past week has been nothing short of exhilarating. Registering a staggering 13% growth, ATOM’s price chart gleams with bullish signals. But what catalyzed this bullish momentum?

The unveiling of Cosmos’s 2024 roadmap seems to have played a pivotal role. This roadmap, laden with ambitious plans for the year ahead, rekindled investor confidence and subsequently, bullish sentiment around ATOM. This roadmap seems to have set the stage for this top crypto coin to surge.

Moreover, ATOM’s engagement on social platforms skyrocketed by an impressive 375% in a mere week, reflecting its growing popularity and the community’s spirited discussions around its future potential.

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QUBE & ATOM: September’s Crypto Stars?

With both QUBE and ATOM showcasing robust growth narratives, speculations are rife about their performance for the rest of September. While ATOM enjoys the fresh boost from its roadmap revelations and social media engagement, QUBE rides on its unique proposition and investor interest.

Considering their distinct advantages, both stand a strong chance of becoming top earners this month. QUBE, with its deflationary nature and potential for price appreciation, can draw in more investors eager to diversify their portfolios with a next-gen investment model. On the other hand, ATOM, with its robust plans and increasing engagement, can continue its upward trajectory.


As September unfolds, the crypto community watches with bated breath. Will QUBE’s innovative investment model and ATOM’s renewed vigor make them the month’s shining stars? Only time will tell. However, one thing is clear: both tokens have ignited a fresh wave of enthusiasm, making them ones to watch in the days ahead.

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