Concordium launches its DevX initiative to promote the Rust ecosystem

  • Concordium is launching the DevX initiative to give back to the Rust developer ecosystem and drive adoption among developers.
  • Among other things, Concordium will develop a framework for formal verification of smart contracts in Rust.

Concordium, a blockchain that enables an integrated solution for protocol-level identity management and zero-knowledge proofs, recently announced its new DevX initiative. This will support developers looking to grow in the Rust ecosystem. The initiative is prompted by the release of Concordium’s Rust Smart Contract platform.

To achieve its goal, the DevX initiative will provide a web platform, contribute code to crates that will benefit the entire Rust ecosystem, and host workshops, hackathons, game jams, and meetups to help people learn Rust. As part of this, the goal is to create a dynamic and practical dialogue with the Rust community rooted in the philosophy of reciprocity as a principle.

Reciprocity as a principle means no quid pro quo. The DevX Initiative seeks to be a part of the Rust community by aligning with the language’s core goal of empowerment.

The DevX Initiative aims to be a part of the Rust community by being aligned with the languages core goal of empowerment. We affirm that to “get”, you must “give” first. Concordium desires to strengthen the Rust community and support the programming languages growth and adoption, which is also a part of Concordium’s commercial success. The DevX Initiative from Concordium wants to give its researchers and developers an outlet to contribute to the Rust community beyond its commercial interest while reaching out to Rust developers.

Ultimately, Concordium aims to bridge the ubiquitous gap between blockchain space and “regular” developers. In order to “give something,” the goal is to make manageable, consistent contributions that positively impact the Rust ecosystem. “The goal will be to make meaningful contributions where we are strong,” the Concordium team said.

In the area of research, Prof. Bas Spitters and his team from COBRA will participate in the Rust ecosystem, especially in the area of formal verification. In addition, contributions will be made in the areas of: Research on the generation of highly secure cryptographic code, to the Hacspec project, sharing the details of ConCert and a framework for formal verification of smart contracts.

Over the next few months, a detailed roadmap will be released, with all workshops and hackathons to help people learn Rust. Last but not least, Concordium also announced plans for a YouTube channel with Rust tutorials and recordings of Rust Interest Group meetings.

The developer web platform is intended to “serve as the ultimate home base for developers” seeking tools and resources such as an emulator for developing smart contracts in Rust, as well as providing a grant program to fund and support projects in the Rust ecosystem and a showcase for projects on Concordium.

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