China Crypto-Ranking: EOS #1, TRON #2, Ethereum #3 and Bitcoin #14

  • The Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has published the seventeenth evaluation report of project rankings in the cryptocurrency market.
  • EOS continues to lead the ranking, followed by TRON and Ethereum – Bitcoin is far behind in 14th place.

The China-based Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (CCID) published the seventeenth report evaluating the most valuable projects in the cryptocurrency market a few hours ago. The CCID publishes a comprehensive evaluation once a month, which compares the best known blockchain projects in different categories.

EOS continues to lead the ranking ahead of TRON and Ethereum

The top 3 cryptocurrencies in the ranking: EOS, TRON and Ethereum are dApp platforms that have also been in the top positions for a long time. EOS has occupied first place for over 4 months with an overall rating of 156.1, with TRON (138.4) and Ethereum (136.4) regularly swapping places. Bitcoin (104.9) is slightly down on 14th place in the CCID ranking.


The overall ranking consists of various metrics and indicators, which try to present projects of the crypto market in a simple matrix in a tangible and understandable way. The index deals with the usability in everyday life but also in industry and economy. Also important is the general acceptance of the respective projects by the population. Also included, however, is the “Creativity Index” criticized by experts, which, at 42.4, is the highest among the top 20 in the Bitcoin ranking.

The CCID ranking is intended to provide companies and investors with a simple overview of which cryptocurrencies offer great potential. The report outlines:

During this evaluation period, Application Chain, Ant, Dash and Zilliqa have successively released updates for core components to optimize performance and algorithms. They ranked 4th, 8th, 10th and 26th, while Dash, Quantum Chain, Stratis and Ark have updated their wallet systems to improve usability.

Although the Institute describes which statements can be obtained from the ranking, some experts in the industry question the validity of the report. Patrick Dai, the founder of Qtum, wondered why the cryptocurrency has risen in the ranking even though his development team has not made any major changes to the roadmap or fundamentals:

I do not know what’s their standard, but Qtum looks better than last time.

Furthermore, projects with great application benefits such as VeChain have not been listed in the ranking to date. The ranking can be used as a first overview, but should not be the sole basis for investment decisions.

Weiss Crypto Ratings sees great potential in Bitcoin due to the current crisis

The rating agency Weiss Crypto Ratings also offers a ranking of the most successful cryptocurrencies. Most recently, Weiss Crypto Ratings described that Bitcoin has enormous potential to serve as a value investment in the current crisis. However, this is not due to the coronavirus, but to the measures taken by Western governments to combat its further spread:

Cameron Winklevoss believes big changes for #Bitcoin  are coming due to #coronavirus & tells followers to #hodl their #BTC. What’s bullish for $BTC is not the coronavirus, but rather drastic measures that Western governments take in an attempt to slow down the spread.

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