Cardano’s ‘Mary’ hard fork is confirmed for March 01

  • The “Mary” protocol update will be activated on the Cardano mainnet on March 1 at 21:44:51 (UTC).
  • The Yoroi extension is ready for the Mary hard fork with update 4.0.3, the mobile version will also be released before Mary is activated.

The “Mary” hard fork will be activated on the Cardano mainnet as planned. As IOG, the development company behind Cardano, announced, all necessary steps could be completed before the start of epoch 250, so that the activation will take place with the start of epoch 251 on March 01 at 21:44:51 (UTC).

The update will be the second of three Hard Fork Combinator events to roll out the Goguen era. IOG tweeted:

WE’RE ON!! We can today confirm that the ‘Mary’ #Cardano protocol update is now fully confirmed for March 1st. Another key milestone in the #Goguen rollout, the update introduces native tokens & multi-asset support, bringing exciting new use cases for #Cardano.

We shall shortly submit the update proposal for the Mary update to mainnet, ready to take effect via a hard fork combinator event at the border of epoch 251 at 21:44:51 UTC on March 1st 2021.

Shortly after, Charles Hoskinson shared a link via Twitter about the final line of code written to submit “Mary” and stated:

Ladies and Gentlemen, the rocket is in the air. Mary will reach orbit in one epoch: welcome to the Mary era: “I was benevolent and good; misery made me a fiend. Make me happy, and I shall again be virtuous.”

The Mary hard fork brings native tokens and multi-asset functionality to the Cardano network. This will pave the way for decentralized applications (dApps), native tokens and DeFi applications once ‘Alonzo’, the third hard fork for Goguen is also enabled. Subsequently, Cardano could become a highly attractive alternative to Ethereum for building DeFi applications.

Cardano’s DeFi will have much lower transaction fees, lowering the barrier to entry for “smaller” investors. In addition, Cardano will offer a higher security because Cardano based tokens are “native,” meaning they use the same token logic as ADA and run directly on the ledger, not via a smart contract.

“Alonzo” is expected to be activated in Q2, though an exact release date is still pending.

Cardano’s light wallet Yoroi is ready to go

While IOG will first release a Daedalus Flight version for testing with the launch of Mary before releasing the Daedalus Mainnet version, the Yoroi wallet will support the update right out of the gate. As Emurgo announced yesterday, the Yoroi Extension is ready for the Mary hard fork with update 4.0.3.

Users will be able to send and receive Cardano based custom assets from Yoroi Wallet – including hardware wallet users – once Mary is enabled. The mobile version of Yoroi Wallet is “close” to being completed. “We plan for no downtime for Yoroi Mobile users as well,” the team announced via Twitter.

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