Cardano’s Hoskinson criticizes Bitcoin, praises Bitcoin Cash community

  • Cardano inventor and IOHK CEO, Charles Hoskinson, has criticized the Bitcoin community for his hostility and emphasized that the Bitcoin Cash community has always been friendly to him.
  • According to Hoskinson, the Bitcoin community on Reddit is characterized by a few members who are very “maximalist” and don’t tolerate any other opinion.

In a spontaneous video, in response to a Twitter user, Charles Hoskinson, the inventor of Cardano, has made a statement to the Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) community. First, Hoskinson stated in a tweet that he had never criticized Bitcoin Cash and also has a good relationship with Roger Ver:

I dont recall criticizing BCH. I don’t really have an issue with their community nor have they ever attacked us. I like roger as a person and will always give him credit for his pioneering work with Bitcoin.

Following the tweet, Hoskinson also published a video in which he emphasized that there is a big difference between the Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash community. While the BCH community is very friendly, he cannot say the same about the BTC community. The CEO of IOHK stated that for every post in Bitcoin’s Reddit he has been attacked by the community recently and has been called a shitcoin scammer:

I’ve been in the Bitcoin community since 2011 and when I first joined, it was a very friendly, wonderful environment. Bitcointalk was a great place to go. It was always fun to play around on Reddit and other places and it was very easy to meet all the people who were there, from Roger Ver, Eric and others. I very seriously got involved in Bitcoin in 2013 when I made my course which I ended up getting over 100,000 thousand students […] It’s actually still around, it’s on Udemy.

Hoskinson, however, pointed out his merits and commitment to the Bitcoin community, of which he has been a member since 2011:

Lately, whenever I post something on the Bitcoin Reddit, at least one or two people call me a shitcoin scammer a horrible human being and say that basically I don’t deserve being out of jail. I am that bad of a person. Apparently I heard them. You know I own a lot of Bitcoin; I am part of the ecosystem. When I publish something on the Bitcoin Cash Reddit, I have never got a negative comment.

Likewise, Hoskinson described that he has never received a negative comment from the Bitcoin Cash community if he has posted a post on Reddit from Bitcoin Cash. In contrast, parts of the Bitcoin community are very maximalistic and hostile:

The Bitcoin community is certainly a lot larger, but there are elements of it that are very maximalistic, not so friendly and if you have the audacity not be 100% committed to their viewpoints, basically you are the enemy and therefore you must be destroyed.

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