Cardano: Update on the progress of Jormungandr, Daedalus and Shelley

  • IOHK has organised a focus group with stake pool operators in London to discuss the migration of these to Cardano’s Shelley mainnet.
  • IOHK also provided a weekly update on the progress of Jormungandr, Daedalus and the Shelley Incentivized Testnet.

IOHK, the research and development company behind Cardano, has released another video update on the transition of the mainnet into the Shelley era. In late February, IOHK organized a focus group in London with a small group of European-based stake pool operators and ambassadors to gather knowledge and insights on the Shelley Incentivized Testnet (SIT) from the Cardano community and plan further steps for the migration. IOHK Senior Product Manager, Dynal Patel, explained:

The main objective of course is to ensure that we have a smooth migration from the decentralized testnet to mainnet and make sure that we can smoothly migrate our stake pool operators from the testnet.

Tim Harrisson, director of marketing and communications at IOHK added:

Our ambassadors are absolutely central to our community, particular those ambassadors running stake pools. […] The Shelley Incentivized Testnet could never have happened without the commitment and the investment of talent and time of our ambassador community.

During the meeting, IOHK and Cardano community members discussed the technical aspects of Cardano’s migration to the Shelley era. Most recently, Cardano took a first important step with the Ouroboros BFT (Ouroboros Byzantine Fault Tolerance) hard fork to move Cardano’s proof of stack protocol, also called “Ouroboros”, from the Byron phase to the Shelley phase.

The innovations introduced by the Ouroboros BFT build a bridge between Ouroboros Classic, which is currently still used in the Byron mainnet, and Ouroboros Genesis, which will form the basis of the Shelley era. As Charles Hoskinson, CEO of IOHK has confirmed on several occasions, the aim is to launch Shelley in the mainnet during the cherry blossom season in Kyoto, which corresponds to the last Maweek of March.

Cardano update on Jormungandr and Daedalus

In another video update, the IOHK project manager for the Shelley Incentivized Testnet (SIT), Dimitris Poulopoulos, provided information on its progress. As Poulopoulos noted, last week’s releases have mitigated some of the issues identified by Daedalus wallet users. There have also been some improvements for both ADA owners and the operators of the stake pools.

There was no update for Jormungandr this week, as the team is working towards another significant update that will bring further improvements to the network. The goal is to improve the documentation for certain aspects of the node, fix some problems with the Rust compilation and update the REST API.

This week’s new version of Daedalus (2.2.0-ITN1) has brought improvements in wallet recovery and synchronization in addition to the new features. The wallet recovery issues have been fixed. However, users of macOS Catalina are still affected by the current installation problem. IOHK is still working on a solution.

Besides, 70 percent fewer issues (454 in total) were reported last week, according to Poulopoulos, so that the deployment of Daedalus version 2.2.0 is already paying off.

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