Cardano: Shelley will come in 2020 – No delay at all!

  • IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson confirms to the user community that the launch of the Cardano Shelley mainnet is imminent.
  • Hoskinson reaffirms that Cardano and its development are open source and urges verification of IOHK progress on their Github page. 

An update from IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson confirms the launch of the Shelley mainnet by 2020. Hoskinson broadcast live via his Twitter account to reassure the community and dispel any doubts. Hoskinson’s response was triggered by the comments of a troll. Through Twitter, the troll was willing to bet 100 ETH on an alleged Shelley delay. Hoskinson responded to the troll and said:

Shelley won’t be released in 2020? What drugs are you smoking? I need some of them. Sure ill take a bet. I am 100 percent certain shelley ships this year. I will resign from IOHK and sell all my assets if it doesn’t.

The creator of Cardano acknowledged that skepticism still exists, but stated that the IOHK’s progress is solid and verifiable. In addition, Hoskinson also confirmed that the start date for the transition phase to the Shelley mainnet, scheduled for May 11 this year, is still in place. As reported by CNF, this phase will begin with the start of the “Friends and Family Testnet.

This phase will be available by invitation only and will make Shelley publicly accessible to a small circle for the first time. About 20 staking pool operators will be invited and called “pioneers”. Hoskinson outlines:

There is still an impending skepticism, I have noticed of many people about the shipping of Shelley mainnet in 2020. We have a Shelley node that is currently running at IOHK. We are adding a CLI to it for the next week’s Friend and Family testnet, so it’s there it exists.

Hoskinson also refuted that there are problems with Shelley’s testnet. The creator of Cardano stressed that the progress of the IOHK can be checked by everyone and that it is done publicly through the Github page. Hoskinson stated:

It is now a situation of just getting the plumbing right, distributing it, getting people to install it, use it. It’s imminent. It’s publicly there in the Github repository and it’s not like we have secret code that we are hiding or something. We are literally writing to an open repository that you all can see and it’s very clear that the Shelley node is almost ready to go.

First Shelley testnet successfully launched

Cardano has been completing important milestones that have brought it closer to the launch of the Shelley mainnet. First, the deployment of the Byron Reboot in April and the launch of the Cardano Daedalus wallet upgrade. The transition to Shelley will be achieved by important upgrades of the Haskell testnet. According to IOHK, once the transition phase is completed Cardano will be transformed from a “static” and federated system to a dynamic and completely decentralized blockchain.

On the other hand, it was learned that the IOHK team made its first successful test of a fully decentralized Shelley network. The blocks were produced by pool operators and not by Genesis delegates. This milestone is another proof that IOHK is following the route it has outlined. The launch of the Shelley mainnet, as stated by Hoskinson, seems imminent.

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