Cardano: Shelley launches with the “Friends and Family” testnet on May 11

  • IOHK will release a first version of Cardano’s Shelley on 11 May 2020 as part of the “Friends and Family Testnet”.
  • The Cardano Foundation has launched the second round of the Ambassador program.

In a new video update, Charles Hoskinson has informed about the current progress in the Cardano ecosystem. Most importantly, Hoskinson states that there is great progress in the newly established format of video updates with the product managers. Both the entire IOHK team and the community are gradually becoming more involved and moving closer together.

Hoskinson also praised the lively exchange and regular feedback from the community, as this was the only way to achieve the adaptation of Cardano. As Hoskinson further announced, the “Friends and Family Testnet” will be launched on 11 May 2020, which will make Shelley publicly accessible to a small circle for the first time:

We thought it was a really good idea that we trainup a cohort that can basically work in tandem with our with our people. First it’s a sanity to verify that the software does what we think it does and it broadens our QA base. […] We can have basically a big resource surge on beta testing and get people to help us to get some last-minute configurations.

Hoskinson describes that the entire community can be involved in the use of the new resources and therefore no Cardano or IOHK employee has to clarify open questions, but the community can help itself. According to Hoskinson, this is crucial for the long-term growth and adaptation of Cardano.

Hoskinson says that many developments are due in May and it will be a busy month. However, he and his team are getting into a kind of “flow” where all members want to solve problems together and push the project forward. In his opinion, this passion and dedication to the further development of the project can only be found at Cardano.

Already today there is a great demand for Cardano products in over 100 countries worldwide. Hoskinson states that Cardano is not yet engaged in aggressive marketing because the brand and corporate design must first be formed. In his opinion, there are unfortunately still too many investors who only look at the price and do not recognize the actual benefits of the technology.

We’re trying to reinvent society that’s what this has always been about as an industry. We’re trying to redefine poeple’s relationship with property rights, their privacy, their identity, their wealth and we’re trying to build global markets that are fair fort he least amongst us as much as they are for the best amongst us […].

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Hoskinson sees the Corona crisis as an artificially created crisis that will lead to global changes and restructuring that cannot be predicted at this point in time. Both the monetary and social systems will be affected.

Cardano starts second phase of the Ambassador Program

A few hours ago, the Cardano Foundation announced that the second round of the Ambassador Program will be launched. Launched in 2018, the program is designed to “raise awareness and encourage the wider community to promote the adoption of Cardano for better use cases”.

At present, the program has 58 Ambassadors of all ages and professions from 26 countries and territories around the world. The Cardano Ambassadors host events, produce digital educational content and carry the Cardano message to the world. The second phase includes both monetary and non-monetary rewards for the commitment of all participating members of the program. Hinrich Pfiefer, Secretary General of the Cardano Foundation, explains:

The newest phase of the Ambassador Program will be an important milestone of our community expansion and its future. I thank our Ambassadors for continuously adding value to Cardano, their support of our community and belief in our vision.

In principle, anyone can participate in the Ambassador Program. Further information can be found here.

The Cardano (ADA) price is moving sideways and has gained 1.73% in the last 24 hours, to a price of USD 0.0513.

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