Cardano: Shelley ITN 12.8 million ADA stacked, 20,000 users

  • The Cardano Incetivized Testnet shows a strong growth and has almost 20.000 active users, 968 stake pools and 1.282 registered pools.
  • Cardano will be hiring 60 more Stake Pool pioneers this weekend to drive the development further
  • The development team is making great progress towards the launch of Shelley Mainnet.

Last year on December 09, 2019, the Shelley Incentivized Testnet (SIT) was launched and has experienced strong growth since then. Within the first 48 hours, more than 48 stake pools have been established and more than 5.4 billion ADAs delegated, representing almost 17% of the total available supply. This test environment allows ADA users to earn real rewards by running a stake pool or delegating their stake.

A new report from the development company IOHK shows that the SIT has been staked almost 20,000 active users (19,843), 968 active stake pools and 12.82 billion ADAs. There are also 1,282 registered pools, all data is from week 59, since the SIT was officially launched. IOHK emphasizes the valuable work with the community and thanks for the extensive feedback and cooperation.

Other milestones on the way to Shelley

The development on the way to the launch of the Cardano Shelley Mainnet is also running at full speed, IOHK describes that the last 10 days have been successful and 60 new pool pioneers will be hired this weekend. Pioneers are the first stake pool operators to power the network and synchronize the blockchain:

Talking of new pioneers… This weekend, we’ll start inviting our next cohort of pioneers to join the program. This new intake has been hand-picked by our first pioneer group. From next week, our pioneers will mentor this new cohort as they use those initial 5 exercises to get started. They’ll be mentored and supported as they bring their own pools online.

IOHK goes on to say that the stability and speed and thus the overall performance of the blockchain is “amazingly” good due to the Haskell Node. In another development update IOHK is satisfied with the fast progress of the community:

Block production is now fully underway. Key Evolving Signatures (KES) are now part of the testnet and the hardfork combinator 2 is merged. The wallet is also being integrated with Shelley node. Supporting documentation and tutorials have now widened in scope and are getting more detailed.

During the tests of the Friends and Family Testnet (F&F-Testnet) 8 bugs and 7 feature requests of the community for the F&F-Testnet have been identified so far, 3 of which have already been solved. The main focus of the QA team is on the CLI work and the features related to the block production. This includes the setup of stake pools, delegation of stake pools and the management of reward addresses.

Cardano has also continued the decentralization process and implemented important updates:

The team also worked on debugging transaction generation, reconstructing the timeline of block creation and diffusion using benchmarking data, and improving the automation of the benchmarking pipeline using Nix.

A comprehensive status update of all implemented functions can be found here.

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