Cardano: Shelley code successfully implemented in mainnet

  • According to the rollout plan, the Shelley code was implemented yesterday in Cardano’s mainnet
  • The node software v.1.14.2 contains all the Shelley logic and functions as well as the combinator to activate the hard fork on July 29th.

As IOHK announced in a blog post, the new Daedalus Shelley wallet is now available for balance checks. All stake pool operators and ADA holders who have delegated their ADA on the Shelley Incentivized Testnet (ITN) can use the new version to check which rewards they have received that are transferred to the Cardano mainnet.

As Tim Harrison further stated in the blog post, the Daedalus wallet will now be gradually enhanced with new features. These features include delegation support, support for the old Byron wallets, the ability to transfer all funds from the old Byron wallets to the new Shelley wallet, and the ability to list and search stake pools.

The second major step yesterday was the implementation of the node software v.1.14.2 according to the Shelley rollout plan. With this the Shelley codebase was fully integrated into the mainnet. The software has been successfully tested on the public Shelley testnet for over a week. It contains all the Shelley logic and functions as well as the hard fork combinator, which will implement everything in the mainnet when the hard fork will take place in late July.

In the coming weeks IOHK will continue to iterate and make code optimizations and improvements with each new version. As Harrison states in the blog post, everything continues to go according to plan:

With another milestone now successfully hit, we are continuing to track against the rollout plan and retain a high degree of confidence in the date set for the Shelley hard fork of July 29th.

The next steps leading up to the launch of Shelley

In a video update Charles Hoskinson additionally informed about the next steps and dates. Until the hard fork on July 29th there will be a series of Daedalus Flight candidates in weekly intervals to test all Shelley functions of the Daedalus wallet step by step. The schedule will be as follows:

So we bring that [Daedalus Flight] in for two weeks, the week of the 7th and the 14th and what it is looks now we gonna trigger the upgrade protocol on the 21st to tell everybody who has a Daedalus wallet, they need to upgrade to the new version of Daedalus which has the Byron and Shelley functionality. And that will occur on the 21st. And then we will do the hard fork on the 29th. […]

By then your wallet will go on alert and will say you need to upgrade, and then your wallet works again.

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