Cardano: Rollout of Shelley still on track, ITN to be maintained

  • According to an update from IOHK, the rollout of Cardano’s Shelley is still on track, so that the SPO public phase can start next Tuesday.
  • Charles Hoskinson informed that the Byron Rust codebase and the ITN are to be kept alive, a first project is already set.

In an update on the Shelley rollout, Christopher Greenwood, Head of Delivery at IOHK, provided an update on the progress of the last few days. As Greenwood noted at the outset, testing on the Friends & Family test network is all going according to plan. The pioneers are completing the tasks set and are on schedule according to the rollout plan for Cardano‘s Shelley:

We are on track to reaching all the targets we set out in the live show on the 28th.

Currently, there are already over 50 stake pool operators active in the Friends & Family testnet, operating 81 stake pools. The current focus is still on testing the core functionalities of the stake pools with the pioneers, including registering the stake pools, delegating ADA, sending transactions and setting various parameters. As the tests are proceeding very positively, IOHK is on track to add further stake pool operators with the SPO public phase, which will start on 9 June.

Regarding key upcoming development points, Greenwood stated that the Adrestia API Integration and the Hard Fork Combinator are in the final stages. The latter is an integral part of the transition to Shelley:

This is a really key component because this allows us to bridge the difference between the Byron and the Shelley era. So this is now in its final stages of integration and we are having our an own testnet internally.

According to Greenwood, preparations are also underway for the “ITN Balance Check”, whereby all parts participants in the Incentivized Shelley Test Network (ITN) will receive their rewards. Furthermore, the Daedalus wallet and explorer integration are running in parallel.

Cardano’s ITN to continue

Charles Hoskinson also provided an update on the Shelley Incentivized testnet yesterday. Hoskinson explained that with Shelley about to be launched, the ITN is no longer necessary. However, according to Hoskinson it would be a shame to let the code decay.

But it’s a great piece of code and if it was a standalone cryptocurrency probably with a billion-dollar market cap right now. It’s a marvellous technology and I hat throwing these things away so we going to do a few things with the Rust code base.

As a result, IOHK is currently engaged in internal discussions on how to re-use the code base. One possibility that is currently being explored is the possibility of using it in Scorex, a project that promotes a framework for blockchain and R&D and is supported by IOHK.

According to Hoskinson, IOHK has already spun off a project from the Rust code base, which will be officially announced at the Virtual Summit with the launch of Shelley.

And we do already have some downstream activities with that code base and it would be super cool to see if we can keep the existing ITN alive and find a way to create some value for the holders of ADA and give them something new to do. So we will let you know.

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