Cardano: ITN Balance Check and Shelley hard fork successfully tested

  • Last week IOHK successfully tested the internal Cardano “ITN Balance Check” and the Byron to Shelley hard fork.
  • The public hard fork combinator test is planned for this week, as well as the final ITN Balance Check, a new Daedalus wallet update and the integration of the Cardano blockchain explorer into the public testnet.

In a new development update IOHK, the development company behind Cardano, has informed about the current progress of the project. Via a tweet IOHK wrote:

It’s been another great week on the Shelley testnet, with our pioneers helping more stake pools come onboard and the release of our first Shelley Daedalus wallet (initially just for pool operators). So far, so good – all going according to plan.

Christopher Greenwood, Head of Delivery at IOHK, also pointed out in a video update that the Friends & Family testnet now has 70 pioneers who have set up over 200 active stake pools. According to Greenwood, the new stake pool operators who have joined since the launch of the public test network have been provided with documentation of the pioneers. In addition, there is a large community involvement. Members of the community have created their own tutorials on how to set up a stake pool.

An important step that was achieved last week is the internal ITN Balance Check, which was successfully completed, as Greenwood explained:

So this is something that is not available public yet, but this is proofing the capability and the function of those reward balances from the ITN network, so that we are prepared to bring them across once we actually have Shelley released. Big Milestone last week.

Furthermore, last week the Byron to Shelley hard fork was also successfully tested internally in a testnet using the “hard fork combinator”.

This is a really big success for the team and it means we are much closer to our goal of releasing a candidate for the mainnet.

According to the rollout plan of Shelley’s, the public test for the hard fork combinator will take place tomorrow, June 23rd. Furthermore, this week will also see the completion of the Adrestia Wallet CLI, the middleware between the wallets and the nodes, which will be released on the test network if necessary. In addition, it is certain that this week the last ITN Balance Check, a new Daedalus wallet update and the integration of the Cardano blockchain explorer will be implemented in the public testnet.

Further development progress for Cardano

On the development side in detail, work on the implementation of the hardware wallet support for Daedalus was almost completed last week. IOHK also worked on bug fixes and improvements to the UI and UX. A major focus was also on Adrestia. In addition to numerous other improvements, work was done on the new address format, among other things:

The Adrestia team reworked the stake pool model in the API, so cardano-wallet can serve both Jörmungandr & cardano-node stake pools. […]

And finally, the team worked on getting final user-facing encoding done at the API level for Shelley, so Byron addresses are served Base58-encoded (Shelley ones are bech32). Right now, everything is hexadecimal to match what cardano-cli produces.

Moreover, the network team also identified the source of the recurring network-wide interruptions in the Friends & Family testnet and resolved the problem.

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